Chapter 3:An awkward hello?

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Springtrap look at golden freddy only to see him with horrid expression with his arms wrapped around his chest.springtrap tried to calm him down but only received a couple slaps.springtrap let out a harsh sign.
"You know what!!!....I...argh...nevermind"springtrap huffed.getting up and marching away from the golden bear.At first springtrap was very frustrated but after a good paradox of thinking he came to realise how much of a jerk he must of sounded.It didn't change his actions though.He was still pretty ruthless towards others.It wasn't because he didn't like them he loved them as a matter of fact'd.But he just couldn't trust them...Springtrap had always hoped for to much.And in the end he was ultimately let down.Springtrap had come to realize that some people just sucked and there was nothing he can do about it...

Springtraps p.o.v

I sat there in my shame on the floor.Like honestly I need to learn how to shut my big mouth.maybe then I'll have more friends.Or I can live in a garbage can like Oscar fuzzy thing.Either way I'll be perfectly fine.I don't need no one I'm fine just fine...I sat there with my hands clenched to my head.With small beads of sweat dripping lightly out of my hair and on to my lap.I let out a rough sign making myself shiver.What is wrong with me? Why does no one like me? Am I doomed to walk this world alone forever? I ask myself.Making myself feel more like dirt then an equal being.The only thing I thought at the moment that would make me feel better.Was to let it all out with anger and tears.I was alone.So there was no one to make fun of me.Silently I let the tears pour.Making the tar substance under my eyes leak out like some kind of larva pulling itself out of its victim.Leaving bits of black stain streaks down my face.I hate this place, I hate it,
" I want to go home back to fazbear fright where I belong" I began"Not here in this fruitloop candy....thingy place"
There's nothing here for me I thought...

"Haha fruitloops? Nice one!!!"

I jumped thinking holy shit someone seen me cry! I was Embarrassed.I just wanted to leave.
"Like...I feel sorry your crying and all but fruitloops...literally.That's the first thing you thought of,fruitloops"

"Shut up!!!! It was the only thing I could think of at the moment!!!!" I yelled
"Holyyy you grinch"
I frown'd grabbing a hold of the nearest object and chuck'd it across the room.Towards the source of speech.

"Ouch you dunce!!!"The figure manage to say.Throwing the item right back at me.But missed big time.It hit a wall which was no where near me.
"Ah, whatever, you suck"

"Not for free..."I mumbled getting up from my corner.This is pointless.I'm just gonna end up fighting this person.Whoever this retard is.Is gonna get it if I don't leave.

Yo, spaghettitrap where you going?"

"Spaghetti? What the hell!!"I yelled confused while turning around.Where the hell did spaghetti come from.Then it hit me there only one person that trys to make fun of my appearance threw little jokes.

"Oh...hi bonnie" I yawned awkwardly.trying to hide my inpatiences
"Oh? Is that all I get?"
He huffed getting up from his spot and approached me slowly.Again this guy didn't have a face.So I had no clue what expression this guy was giving me.Expressions usually help me predict'd what someone might do.But right now I was a little oblivious to what this guy might do.He could nuke me and I wouldn't even know...I place my hands on my hips, And roll my eyes.
"Yeah it kinda is, look bonnie I'd love to say and talk but I got to go"
Bonnie huffed and shifted his head from side to side.trying not to look bored out his mind.
"Alright I'll see you later fruitloops" he snickered as he went to his little corner and disappeared.I swear he could be a ninja...
I walked out of the parts and services room ant turned a corner.The pizzaria was a lot quieter then usual.Something was up.I looked around the color arousing kids place.I walked into one of the party rooms that usually have a lot of garbage in them.To my surpise golden freddy was in here along with freddy and Frederick.golden freddy looked a little horrified while freddy and Frederick raised an eyebrow.
"Hi...."golden freddy quietly whispers while giving me a small wave before look back at freddy.
"You sure?"he asked
"I'm sure freddy"goldie happily replied, patting his look alike on the shoulder while smiling at him.
"Alright then....if you say so...come on Frederick we got business to retain" freddy stated looking back at Frederick.
"Yeah whatever..."
They both wabbled out.As they walked by me they gave me a weird yet go get him stare...
I just stood there looking dumbfounded at the floor.Boy, do I hate those tiles...

((Chapter three finale complete ^-^ yay for me.Now I have to start working on the fourth chapter.Also sorry for the long wait.The next one well come out faster I swear it. Hoped you injoyed it. Mashe out :D

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