Ten ~ Old friends, New... Teacher? (Part 2)

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...I hate you...

No...not again...

I hate you!

Please, no.

It's all your fault!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it....

I wish I'd never met you!

Don't say that...

You and you're stupid-

Enough, please!

I hate you!

Stop it!

The world blurred at the edges, everything grew larger, taller, as the floor came closer.

There was a pressure pushing against my head, squeezing painfully. Sharp objects were digging into my scalp, I couldn't shake whatever it was.

My fingers were aching, my feet numb.

My lungs burned with the effort of breathing, my eyes stung at the pricking in the corners of them.

There was noise all around me.

Loud footsteps, laughter, idle chatting. I could hear it all, but it sounded more like it was inside my head rather than around me.

A whirring engine suddenly took the place of all other noises. It resonated sorely, my eardrums at the point of exploding.

It sounded big, whatever it was. A plane, maybe..?

I've been on planes before...many times, in fact. My first time though was when I left Japan for England.

I was only a mere child back then, a little girl about to set out on an adventure.

But it hadn't felt like one. I remember being so against the idea moving.

I'd fought day and night with my father. Our arguments always ended with me running away from home in tears.

The beach was where I'd always end up.

I remember hating the fact that my legs would forever drag me to the shoreline after such conflict. I hated the reminder of what happened that day, but I was still drawn to the ocean's dark, mysterious aura.

I hated it: the beach, my dad, life...

I hated everything. I'd always thought it was unfair that everyone I loved was slowly being torn away from me.

My brother...my mum...

Eventually my dad, as well.

I used to believe I was cursed. The child me would lean out her window at night and scream at the gods for taking everyone away from her.

I remember my last day in Iwatobi.

Those last words we'd shared...

The tears, the shouting...the leaving without saying goodbye...

At some point in my life, I'd suppressed those memories, like everything else. It'd become just another little piece of my past stowed away in that little black box, never to be seen again.

But now...it's resurfaced.

And I remember everything.

The world slowly came back into focus when I felt something warm and firm clasp my shoulder, shaking me senseless.

The blurred edges faded away, revealing the bustling insides of the mall and the crowd of people surrounding me.

I slowly looked up, short brunette locks gliding across my shoulder as my head tilted back to take in the faces of everyone.

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