Chapter 3

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Lucy rolled out of bed, grumbling to herself. It was the first day of school again. How nice.
She put on a simple anime t-shirt and a skirt slightly shorter than knee length.
Lucy dragged her feet to the entrance of the school, not at all excited. Her old school was torture. It was the time she wore huge glasses. People made fun of her because of her looks, so she switched to contact lenses. Even now she is conscious about her looks, though it doesn't bother her as much anymore. Her friends told her she was beautiful on the outside and inside, so she warmed up to their compliment.
Lucy chose her locker and lined her textbooks in it. She slammed it closed, hearing the bell ring already for her first class. How convenient.. Gym class on a Monday morning. She was already hating her schedule with a burning passion.
Half of the class was discussing the year and then they were gonna shoot some hoops. Lucy wasn't very good with sports, though her school work was fine.
She gripped one of the basketballs, her palms all sweaty. "U-Uh.."
Lucy looked back to see a bunch guys eagerly waiting to shoot theirs in the same hoop. She let out a heavy sigh, only to feel a gentle tap on her shoulder.
"Geez.  You're slow." A familiar voice teased.
She looked back to see it was Natsu, the new kid at the cafe. "Oh, hey!" She forced a smile, not wanting to admit that she would probably fail miserably at this.
Natsu, on the other hand, could already tell. "It's not that hard." He stole the ball quickly from her and hurled it towards the hoop. It bounced off the rim of the hoop, not quite landing in. "Oh crap.." He chuckled, nervously. "That was a bad example.."
Lucy shook her head, smiling. "It's fine."
"Good thing Gray isn't in this class." He murmured to himself.
"I'd like to see that.." She crossed her arms smirking.
"Hey! Hurry up already and stop flirting!" A random guy yelled in the line up.
"Shut up. We were having a conversation, thank yah very much." Natsu shot back, walking to the back of the line. Lucy followed, lazily.
"Wow. Are you always tired?" He questioned, since Lucy was constantly yawning.
"I'm fine.." She murmured, her eyes half-lidded.
Natsu poked her nose. "Uh.. You gonna wake up?"
"H-Huh?!" Lucy opened her eyes wide, almost passing out right there.
Everyone in the line looked at her, strangely.
"Heh.. It's no problem. I slept through math class before." Natsu grinned, proud of himself.
"That's nice." Lucy grumbled.
Their gym teacher yelled at them to go change.
"So what class do you have next?" Natsu asked, eagerly.
Lucy pondered. "U-Um.. Math.. With Mr. Clive."
"Ppfft.. I have Gildarts too. I always seem to get him every year." He crossed his arms.
"Makes sense. We didn't have any classes together last year. It only makes sense that we have some classes together this year." Lucy shrugged.
"Heh.. Yeah. I'll see you at math." He dashed to the change room, waving and grinning.
Her heart pounded loudly. That grin made her weak for some reason.
She walked to the girls change room, getting ready for another hour with pinky.

Gym class Monday morning. I based that off my stupid schedule. :P
So yeah. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. It's really late right now so I'm too lazy to make the chapter longerSorry. D:

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend by the way.. At least for us Canadians. And if you don't celebrate it, have a nice weekend anyways.

See ya~! ❤

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