Chapter 1: Crusing Down The Street In My 64

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Brasley was walking down the street with her ratchet ass ghetto friends. Getting hollered at by some creepy staggers down the block. Her only response was the third finger on her hand 🖕. Then suddenly an old white van pulled up. They could only see two guys witch were the passenger and the driver. Eazy E was playing booming out of the stereo. Some kid with a quiff said, want a ride?
He was kinda of a good looking guy. I guess, so was the kid driving. Before I could say something my thirsty ass friends, went up to the window and said, "take us home?" He got out and opened the back door. There reveled more guys. "Aye I'm Matthew, that's Cameron, Nash, Taylor , Carter, Shawn, Aaron, Sam." My friends said, "Hazel , Emily, - then she pointed at me - uh then there's uh Brasley!" We got in the van and the door shut behind us, Matt got back in the car, and Shawn started driving.

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