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Hi. By the way, as you can see my name is Hana.
To be honest with you, i hate anti-kpoppers! well, I have a best friends named Aya. She's very adorable she always do aegyo when she need something from me(not that one!) But as a bestfriend of hers. ofcourse. we two hate the subject "math." Because it sucks. Well, since it's my introduction for today, i want to tell you my hobbies and sprty! i like simple things as usual and some kawaii things! My friend, Aya. likes to bun her hair. Well i also like to bun my hair, but i really want that messy ponytail with high jumper heheheehhe.
I think i need to tell you all now my fave k. band....... It's 방탄! Im inlove with them mostly the maknaeline! (jungkook, taehyung, jimin) I want to meet the all someday.......

Sorry if it is just short!Cuz it's just my introduction! ahahahhaha
See you soon with the next chapter!

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