The new begining of Friendship

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Sophia POV

Hi everyone my name is Sophia Andrea H. Salaro.I live in makati city.I am 3rd year high school.I am the friend of Stephen I hope this friendship will never end

Stephen POV

Hi 2nd day of class I am very tired because I have watch a movie last night after that I have to study hard. I am very tired.ring ring my phone ring I look at my phone and its 8:30 in the morning.I was shock and run into the cr and take a bath and brush my teeth and dress and go down stairs and eat and go " mom let's go I am really late mom mom!!" I said " mom is gone ugh i have to take the taxi " I said " oh no traffic I am so late " I said "at last i'm here finenally" I said I run to my locker and take my stuff and run to hallway and here is my classroom I enter the class room and said " I am so sorry Im late" I said "OK apologie accepted take a seat"my teacher said " I saw Sophia waving at me"  after class its lunch again and I go to the cafeteria and eat my luch " hi again why are you late I been waiting you  since the class start" Sophia said "I was watching a movie and study" I said
" you are a smart girl" Sophia said " thank you" I said " do you have a friend here " Sophia said " no only you" I said " well we are now friends OK" Sophia said " OK " I said " I should call you step for a nick name OK and you can call me sop "fr4drÀÀAASWARKSophia said " OK that's great sop" I said after that we became friends we laugh together share together everything were just like sisters. " OK bye step my father is here see you tomorrow bye " Sophia said " OK bye oh that's my mom bye sop see you tomorrow" I said and I run in the car and ride." Who is that girl you just talking too " mom said " oh that girl she is my friend that I said to you" I said " comman let's go now mom I have to do my assignment" I said " OK OK calm down were going" mom said.

Stephen POV

"OK were here" mom said " Stephen can you go to the store and buy some food" mom said " OK mom" I said.I was inside the store suddenly I see Sophia." Hi Sophia what are you doing here" I said " just buying something" Sophia said you"
"I'm here because my mom said me to buy food"I said." OK bye step see you tomorrow bye"Sophia said " bye" I said
Then I walk going to my house and at house I talk to my mom and sleep I don't want to be late again.

End of the chapter hope you like it

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