Chapter 26: Sure.

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Calum's POV

The party was loud. Everyone came in a costume. I could see someone wearing a fairy costume, zombie costume, peter pan costume, and even a salt and pepper costume.

The teachers were also dressed in costumes, but I noticed that most of them were just sitting in the tables provided, all chatting with one another while the students were dancing on the dance floor.

As the four of us walked through the dance floor, you could clearly smell liquor. This has been the teachers' main issue when they throw school dances but they don't do much about it. Maybe they figured all of us are legal since all of us are mostly 18, but my guess is they just got tired since they know they'd never win.

Ashton decided not to drink tonight since he is the one driving the four of us home. However Michael and Luke were already making their way to the table with the spiked punch.

"Wanna sit down? This place is kind of giving me a headache" Ashton whispered in my ear. The music was too loud and the bass was shaking the ground.

I gave him a nod as we both sat in one of the tables. The Halloween Dance is always held at the gymnasium, but they usually change the theme. One minute it's horror house then the next thing it's graveyard.

Ashton and I were actually having fun just eating the snacks, talking, and eyeing everybody's costume. Michael sat down with us a couple of times but he usually ends up getting another drink and hanging out with his other friends (which I didn't know he has).

I haven't seen Luke since we've arrived. I'm actually starting to get worried.

So when Michael sat down again, I told both of them I would go find Luke. I stood up, wandering through the sea of warm bodies dancing, finding the blonde prince.


Luke's POV

I was cornered by a group of girls. They were all gawking at my costume. I actually haven't had that much to drink so I was still pretty sober, but most of these girls were drunk as hell.

"You look so hot" One of the girls said. She was dressed as a nurse but the costume displayed too much cleavage.

"I'd want you to be my prince charming" One of the girls giggled, placing her hand on my chest. She was dressed as tinker bell which is ironic since I just saw some dude dressed as peter pan.

Someone coughed from behind us, making all the girls turn around.

It was Stacy Hills, dressed up as Cat Woman.

"Luke, would you help me with something?" Stacy asked, making all the girl glare at her. I just shrugged, politely excusing myself before following Stacy away from the crowd.

"What did you need help with?" I asked, taking a sip from the red party cup I had in my hand.

"Nothing, just wanted to talk to you" Stacy said. She was wearing a leather body suit that zipped in the front and she wore black leather boots. She had cat ears on.

Calum looked better.

"About what?" I asked. She led me to a quiet part of the gymnasium where there were only a few people.

"Oh nothing. I just haven't seen you in a while" Stacy gave me a smile.

I don't consider Stacy a friend. Mainly because after she tried kissing me last year, she called Calum a dumbass just because.

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