Too Late

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Dean P.O.V

He was kissing him. My heart broke in two. I raced out of the dorm as fast as I could and no matter how many "Dean! Wait!"s called out to me. I just wanted to leave the situation. I flew down the flights of stairs and ran all the way to a nearby bar. I stood outside and caught my breath. I needed to call Cas back. So I dialed his number and waited for the voicemail. Once the phone beeped, I paused for a second and then some words came out. "Cas...forget what I said...I'm drunk..please forget it" My voice cracked as I lied through my teeth. I hung up the phone and slid it in my pocket.

"Cheer up boy, lets have some drinks" I heard a familiar accent call out. I turned around and saw Professor Crowley. "Professor..I" , "Oh just get inside already" He stammered. I walked in the bar and held open the door for him. Sports were on all the televisions and the lighting was dimmed, not to mention the musky smell of alcohol. I followed the Professor to the bar and sat on one of the classic red stools. "Whats troubling you?" He asked, while keeping his eyes on the bartender and waving his hand to get some drinks.
"My project partner...well...I was too late. He moved on another trick...for" I lied again. Obviously not as good as the first time. Suddenly two shots came my way and the Professor got his fruity drink with a nice tiny umbrella stuck in it. I eyed him as he sipped his drink and a smile crept up on his face. "Talk to him, and be straight to the point. It'll work itself out" Crowley said with his devilish accent. "Oh and drink up. I paid for these" He added, making me down the shot. The fires ignited in my throat and covered the sorrow I had felt. Then i took the other shot and shook my head, trying to believe I needed the alcohol. Minutes later the Professor and I bonded over old relationships and new love problems. He was a really down to earth guy actually.

And then he said he had somewhere to be. And I said I should leave too. So we exchanged our numbers in case I had any more troubles.       And.We.Were.On.Our.Way

Walking home I noticed someone familiar sitting on a park bench by the fountain. "Cas?" I asked into frosty midnight air. He sat there as if nothing changed and suddenly my heart began to race. You gotta tell him, Dean. You have to. I jogged over to the other side of the bench and plopped down. I took a breath and sat next to him. "Where were you" Cas said bluntly. "With Professor Crowley...Drinking" I spoke enthusiastically. "I was worried...and Daniel left as soon as-", "Cas please tell me you don't like Daniel..that assha-", "Dean. You told me you weren't gay. You told me to move on and I did, so why are you acting like this?" Castiel pondered. I was hurt. My expression was hurt. He was right. I can't be so selfish. 

"I'm sorry" was all that came out. I looked down and tried to blink away the tears. "I shouldn't of made a scene. I'll be out of your way next time" I glanced at him and smiled in the fakest way possible. "Do you want to walk home together?" Castiel looked up at me. I stood up and nodded. The way he said home reminded me that our dorm was cozy like a real house. It might have lacked certain utilities, but it surely made up for it through the people who live there. Just Cas and I...the way I would dream of..but in a regular house. 

The five minute walk home was brief but relaxed. It made me realize how fluttery my stomach gets when I'm around him. How hot my face feels when i exhale into the night air. Our hands brushed against each other and I imagined how nice it would feel to hold his soft but sturdy hands. Then my hand brushed his blue jeans...and my mind wandered to other places. 

Cas unlocked and opened the door and we both walked inside, taking our shoes off and walking to the main space. I looked onto my desk and saw a bouquet of roses. "Cas.." I said as he stood in front of me...changing the thermostat. Then he turned around and his gaze made me melt. The way he stood. So curious, so full of made the heat in my face re-ignite. Suddenly he held my face and crashed his lips onto mine. The familiar softness of his lips made me blush. We held our kiss for a moment and then pulled away but pressed our foreheads together and caught our breath one second at a time. 

I decided to go at it again, feeling as though I couldn't get enough. Knowing that this could easily be the last time now that someone else is in the picture. I couldn't compete with him even if I tried. So I kissed and kissed and kissed Castiel until I couldn't hear my own thoughts anymore. Our tongues danced and fought and honestly? We couldn't end it if we tried, but of course I pulled away to catch my breath, but pushed him down onto his bed and straddled him. I looked down at him as he stared at me with intent. We both knew what was going to happen next. 

I threw my shirt over my head and successfully pulled it off, then Cas pulled his shirt off and threw it across the room.I pressed my hands onto the bed and pressed my lips on Castiel's. Within 30 seconds it got as steamy as the makeout session before except this time I made sure to go slow and leave huge hickeys on his neck to show that at least for one night someone had been with him. I kissed and sucked the other side of his neck before he managed to whine, "Do you ...really want do this?" I sat up and looked at his wondrous features then grinning and nodding my head. He kissed me and grinned into the kiss only making him a million times cuter. I started to feel something tugging at my buckle and pulled back, making me realize. "Cas I'm not ga-", "I don't fucking care" He sneered and kissed my neck making me slip out a moan. I guess its too late to go back now. 

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