Chapter 13 (1D)

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For them directioners (preferences)

You play a sport

Harry Styles:

It was the time. The time when the last touchdown will indicate which team would win. You weren't a football player. You were the cheerleader. It was the final routine and you can hear your boyfriend of seven months in the crowd cheering. He of course cheering for you.

"GO Y/N! THATS MY GIRLFRIEND EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU BABE!" Harry screams as he claps his hands.

You giggle and the final routine starts. Being head cheerleader wasn't always easy one wrong move and you mess up the whole squad. You Chant and do backdrops and front flips. The final move was coming so you headed to your group. There were three groups total and each group would throw a girl in the air and catch her then the guy in the group would carry her and run back into the gym.

"Ready Y/N?" my friend Chris asked me.

"Yeah let's do it" you say confidently.

They throw you up in the air, do a couple flips and got caught just in time. Chris carried you to the gym. Finally the game was over and your team won. You were more than happy. You saw Harry run up to you and hug you, spinning you off your feet.

"That was amazing Y/N the whole team won because of you" Harry tells you.

"Thanks Harry you're the best" you hug him.

Chris walks out of the locker room and sees you.

"Hey Y/N great job out there you rocked" Chris gives you a hug

"Thanks Chris and I do have the best Catcher" you say. then Chris turns to Harry.

"Hey I'm Chris" he shakes hands with Harry.

"I'm Harry Y/N's boyfriend" says Harry puting extra emphasis on boyfriend.

"Right. So I got to go I'll see you on Monday Y/N. Oh and nice to meet you Harry" Chris turns and jogs out of the building after giving you a hug.

"Bye Chris" you say then turn to Harry. "You seemed jealous" you smile.

"I just didn't like the way he was touching you out there"

"Babe he has to catch me like that or else I would've fallen. And besides I love you and only you" you kiss Harry on the cheek.

"I love you too" says Harry with a kiss on the lips, you two left and watched a movie.

Liam Payne

You were running across the field following the frisbee thrown by your opponent. It was 100 degree weather and you were sweating off 30 pounds during your game of ultimate frisbee. You failed to intercept the frisbee and the other team scored a point.

"Damnit" you muttered under your breath as you want back to your side of the end zone.

The throw off took place and as you were jumping up to catch the frisbee you felt a shove against your sides. You fell on the grass. The impact from the ground was so hard that you had sprained your throwing arm.

"HEY I SAW THAT THAT BITCH SHOVED MY GIRLFRIEND! REF THAT SHOULD BE A PENALTY FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE!" you hear your boyfriend of 3 months yells from the bleachers.

They take you off the field to check your arm. You were wrong. You didn't sprain your arm, you broke it. As you got out of the hospital with your new cast you see Liam running towards you and embracing you in a bone crushing hug which is ironic.

"Oww babe that hurts" You wince in pain.

"Oh sorry Y/N" he released You and drives you home.

You come home to a fort and Netflix on the TV. The aroma of cookies in the air filled your nose.

"What's all this?" You turn to look at Liam, but he's already pushing you towards the fort. Once you're inside he covers you in blankets and hands you a plate of cookies. He starts the movie ,the fault in our stars, and you bite the cookie to find it good...too good.

"Liam? Where did you buy these?"

"What you don't believe I can bake?"


"Fine from the bakery"

"Knew it" you kissed him on the cheek and the two of you cuddled and watched Netflix until both of you fell asleep.

Louis Tomlinson

Lacrosse. A sport you spent weeks on for this final game. You twirled your Crosse in your hand anxiously waiting for the game to begin. The opponent was beating your team by 1 point. Your boyfriend Louis was no where to be seen in the crowd. Then the game had begun. The other team was in control of the ball and were passing it down field. You attempt to intercept it but fail. Luckily your team mate intercepted the ball and it was in your teams possession.

"GO Y/N!!! Whooo!!!" you turn to see none other than your boyfriend Louis cheering in the crowd holding up a banner that read "GO Y/N! YOU GOT THIS GURL!!!" the banner was so big it took both one direction boys and 5sos boys to hold it.

You felt much better and gained more confidence. You look back onto the field and caught the ball thrown to you by your teammate.

Your team threw the ball down the field and you made a goal. Now the scores were tied.

The third round had started and the other team had possession of the ball. When the ball was thrown once again you intercepted it and made a goal all across the field.

Your team cheered in victory and you saw Louis and the boys run toward you then life you in the air.

"Good job Y/N!!" They cheered as they let you down.

"Let's celebrate with pizza guys!" Louis said as he kissed you on the cheek "I'm so proud of you babe" he whispered.

You and the boys went to Round table pizza and hung out until they kicked you at closing time.

Niall Horan

You were on the track team and today was you race. It was hot as hell outside and you hair stuck to your face just standing outside, the race not even starting yet.

"Ok all competitors line up on the line" a coach said.

You were in the middle of your rival, and... your boyfriend? He said he couldn't Run today because he hurt is ankle. That lying bastard.

"On your mark get set GO!!" You heard the gun shot and bolted.

Your rival was close behind but your boyfriend Niall was slightly ahead.
You ran as fast as you can and soon your rival and Niall were eating your dust. Then you passed the finish line.

"And the winner is... Y/N Y/L/N!!!" Everyone cheered when suddenly you felt big sweaty arms around you. And you knew exactly who it was.

"Eww Niall get off of me you're sweaty and you stink" you laughed pushing him playfully.

"You don't smell too good yourself stinkerbell or is it cindersmella?" He retorted.

"Umm I'm cindersmella get it right" you kissed his cheek.

"You know what this means... showering together!" He said

"Only if it will shut you up and get rid of your body odor then yes"

And that's exactly what you guys did.

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