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It was 4 in the midnight and a motorcycle was driving fast. There were two passengers in the motorcycle.

Boy: Hold on to me tight.
Tears were streaming down his face and mouth looks like an arc facing down

Girl: What!? Asked curiously

Boy: Just Hug me.
Still tears are falling down from his eyes.

Girl: Are you crying babe? What are you up to?

And the boy didn't replied. The girl notices that they are going really fast.

Girl: Hey! Slow Down please. Announced with a scared face and lips turned white

Boy: Do you love me? ,

Girl: Of course, now please slow down.

Boy: Say I love you first.

Girl: Okay Ilove you!

Boy: Get my Helmet and wear it.

Girl: Okay please slow down my heart is bumping too fast.

Boy: Just Hug me and trust on me.

The motorcycle continued to be running fast and before they knew it they both saw a flash of light that covered them.

A motor vehicle bumped into a building, two were found. A girl survived but the boy was unfortunate.

So what's the truth!?
Halfway down the road, the boy already notices that the break was broken and all he can do now is to let the girl wear the helmet and hug him so that his girlfriend would survive.

Here's what you didn't know with the true story. BEFORE THE ACCIDENT HAPPEN, PATT & CHARLIE...

8:00 pm

Patt and Charlie were watching the news. "On the news were an accident happened midnight. Wherein the victims (a guy and a girl) were drunk and wearing no helmets. They both passed away and dead on the spot when they hit an electric post and unfortunately they smashed on it. For more fastlane news, please stay tuned after this short break!"

Patt: Gosh! Babe, that news was so terrifying!

Charlie: Yah! They were even unmarried couple like us! How sad, they didn't make it to their matrimony instead their funeral.

He joked. Patt poked him and squished his nose.

Patt: You crazy mustard! Babe, I'm a bit starving. I'm going to prepare now our dinner okay?

Charlie smirked

Charlie: Of course babe, I want a delish food with your heart!

Patt was shocked on what she just heard. She stood up.

Patt: You want my heart cooked?

She joked.

Charlie: Nah babe! Just cook me a dish please.

Patt: Okay, well then. Give me a minute babe.

Charlie raised his left eyebrow, still watching the news.


Patt: Babe! Could you answer that call for me? Who's that by the way?

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