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"Miss Jones, we take it that you have learned your lesson during the 3 and half years you have served here at Lockwood Juvenile Delinquent Center?" The Judge asked the petite 18 year old girl Renee Jones who sat quietly in front of them. She smile at the short man and clinched the pearl crucifix around her neck.

"Why yes Judge, I have learn the awful things I have done life and by the way of our Lord and Savior and I feel like I am a whole new woman now." She told the Judge in her deepest Southern accent she inwardly gagged at it. The way she spoke reminder her of her childhood, being a Southern belle. 

"Very well then. I'm ending you sentence now on the premise that you will return to school and graduate court adjourned ." He said and with that he banged his gavel.

The dark skin woman jumped up and hugged her lawyer. She was free. After 3 years she was finally free. "Oh thank you God." She said looking up at her lawyer who grinned at her. 

By the time Renee got all her stuff and was on the car ride back to the house her grandmother left her before she died a sadistic smirk was on her face. They actually fell for the 'saved by God.' bit. Once the car stopped and she was inside the large home she ripped the cross off her neck and dropped it next to the keys to the house.

The house was cleaned but smelt dead. Her grandmother died two years after Renee was sentence she was the only family she had left and stood by her side. The 81 year old woman left everything to her granddaughter, her estates, riches, homes, cars everything belonged to Renee.

"I am home Nana." She whispered as she climbed the stairs and to the woman's bedroom laying on the bed. It still had a small lingering scent to Miss Valarie Jones and that caused tears to roll down the woman's cheek. "Real tears Nana. Only for you." She mused as she snuggled up against the satin pillows crying softly. She spent a good hour there before she got up and decided to take a shower and dye her hair though she needed supplies. She tied her hair in a bun and slipped on some flip flops and headed down to the corner store to buy some bleach and blonde hair dye plus a bottle of jasmine soap and lotion.

About 2 hours went by Renee was blonde and smelling good. She looked in the mirror a sadistic and predatory smile graced hear blood red lips. "Oh they gonna love seeing me again." she hummed to herself as she walked to the garage grinning as she looked at the cars, she walked over to the jeep that she and her grandmother use to roll in. The red jeep was dusty but it still looked brand new, she knew buy this that Val never used it after Renee got locked up. She sighed as she sat in it, she missed that woman so much. 

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