Nine ~ Old Friends, New...Teacher? (Part 1)

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"So, I was thinking we could possibly head to the mall today," The Swim Club Manager dragged her fingertip across the map roughly sketched out in a red pen on a sheet of paper before everyone. "There's a few things I need to pick up for the pool's maintenance before we head back."

"Ah, good idea Gou-chan! We can also make a detour to the Sportswear shop," The bouncy blonde leaned over to press his own finger to the spot he'd mentioned. "And then we'll go for ice-cream!"

"Please, Nagisa, no more ice-cream..." Rei looked visibly greener at just the mention of the creamy treat.

"Huh? How come Rei-chan?"

"I have to agree with Rei on this one..."

"Ehhh? You too, Mako-chan?!" Nagisa cried at his friends rejection of his favourite dessert, throwing himself across the table they were all gathered around.

"...Sorry, Nagisa." Makoto held his hands up in an apologetic manner as the blonde shuffled across the wooden furniture to get all up in the brunette's face.

"Nagisa, you can't eat ice-cream all the time!" Gou pushed the sweet-toothed boy off the table before he could ruin her map. Nagisa gave them all his signature pout before picking himself up from the floor and rejoining the circle.

"But guys, we always eat ice-cream!"

"And that's exactly why we don't want it this time!" Exclaimed Rei heatedly, sending the shorter swimmer an exasperated look before placing a hand against one side of his jaw, feigning a pained expression. "I can already feel a cavity coming through on one of my molars..."

"Ah...Rei-chan that just means you don't brush your teeth well enough!"

"O-of course I do!" The butterfly swimmer slammed his hands down onto the table, his face flushing sporadically. "In fact, my dentist says I have some of the best sets of teeth he's ever seen!"

Nagisa snickered as his friend made a show of crossing his arms and holding his head high with pride.

"His dentist must be a pathological liar then." The blonde murmured in Gou's ear, to which she only sighed in resignation at the boy's immature antics.

"I heard that! Nagisa..!"

"Now, now," Makoto decided their squabbling had gone far enough and made to step in between the two, playing the typical matriarch role he held in this cluster of friends. "That's enough of that. Nagisa, why do you want to go to the Sportswear shop?"

In typical Makoto fashion he'd directed the attention onto another subject entirely, almost instantly deflating the argument that'd just occurred.

"Well..." Nagisa rolled back on his heels as he looked off to the side, swinging his arms behind him before latching his fingers together and suddenly leaning forward. "I kind of need to get a new swimsuit."

"Huh? But you were just using it yesterday..."

"Yeah," Gou second Makoto's statement, turning to the blonde with folded arms. "It seemed perfectly fine to me."

"Right, but that one's an old pair I keep around as a spare. It's gotten too small for me since starting up the club last year!"

"Ah..." Rei gave a finalising nod, as if he'd finally realised something. "That's why you're swimming was off during the sessions."

"You're as sharp as ever, Rei-chan!" Nagisa beamed at the blue-haired boy, who's ego only grew at the compliment.

"Why of course! One must always be aware of his team mates progression!"

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