Jordan Sweeto

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          Jordan's POV

I was at Johnnie's house. Him, Bryan, and Scarlett, Johnnie's sister, lived there. I had a crush on Scarlett. And only Bryan knows. If Johnnie knew I liked his sister, He would kill me. " Hey guys my name is Jordan Sweeto, And today i'm here with Bryan, Johnnie, and Scarlett! And today, we are going to play truth or dare!" I said. Scarlett leaned on Johnnie's shoulder, He kissed her head and hugged her while Bryan was being......Well, Bryan.

Kyle handed Johnnie a slip of paper. He looked at Kyle with a glare. He kissed Bryan on the cheek. Bryan looked turned on and they both left and into Bryan's room they went. Scarlett looked at the door and was about to knock on the door, But all you heard where moans of Bryan and Johnnie. "No one goes in there" I said.

Scarlett's POV
I was about to knock on the door, but all we heard where moans of Bryan and Johnnie. " No one go in there" Jordan said. I laughed. " Johnnie and Bryan are gone, so lets continue the game" I said. Jordan nodded his head. Kyle handed me a slip of paper that said 'Dare: Kiss Jordan on the lips'. I kissed him on the lips. He was shocked but kissed back. " I need to talk to you, follow me" I said. We went in my room and sat down on the bed. " I-" I was cut off with Jordan's lips on mine.

Johnnie's POV

Me and Bryan came out of his room. We didn't see Jordan nor Scar ( Scarlett's nickname.) "Kyle, where is Jordan and Scar?" I ask. Kyle pointed to Scar's room. We walked in to then kissing, on the bed almost naked. Scar only had her underwear and shirt on. Jordan only had his shirt off.  

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