Chapter 14. The Eyes That Shine

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I sat on the shed roof. I was reading on how to speak Dakin (Hedgehog form of Spanish lol.) The sky was normal, and the sun was bright. I heard a rustling near the house, and swung my head around to see a familiar bat walk along the road. Rouge was wearing a long dress, and she had a huge bag from mall.

She looked in my direction, and she stopped walking. She raised her free hand to shield her eyes from the sun.

"Hey Sonic!" She yelled to cover the distance inbetween us. I looked back at my book, covering a page in ten seconds. I could sense Rouge was still watching me.

"You never read, and learning a language? Has something happened?" She asked, and stopped reading.

"No, nothing." I said, and when I looked over and saw she was still waiting for me to speak.

"And-I just want to speak it." She nodded and moved on inside the house. Between her and Shadow, the annoying questions never seem to end. She walked into the house, and I could hear the screen door close behind her.

I heard Rouge's voice, and listened to their conversation.

"Shadow! Guess who it is?" Rouge said with happiness in her voice.

"Rouge.." Shadow said, and you can hear the crumpling of the bags as she is probably setting her stuff down.

"Why aren't you happy to see me?" She said in almost a pout. I heard Shadow sigh.

"It's not shouldn't have come back." Shadow started to go on, but my mind becomes clouded.


"What is it Fleetway?" I asked calmly.

Do you like our new hearing and ability to learn quickly?

"Oh..that's from you? Thanks, Fleetway." I said sincerely. He's actually helping me.

I also want to give you something else. Or say, try something.

"What's that?" I said.

Eyesight and regenerative powers. I enhance our eyesight. I also will make it so any wounds will heal over a span of a day.

"That shouldn't be a problem. What is the thing you want to try?"

Oh, the trying part comes with the eyesight. It's just a test to see if it can actually work.

"Oh, I'll do it." I said and I could hear Fleetway hum.

And then the bright sky was gone.

Shadow's POV

"He's not in good shape." I said to her, as she pulled out the things she bought from the mall. I found them to be normal outfits, but if she liked them then I guess it didn't matter.

"He's changed since I last saw him." She said quietly and I messed with the hem of my shirt.

"You can say that again."

"It's Fleetway. He's making Sonic go crazy, isn't he?" She said as she looked out the back window, to where Sonic was sleeping on the shed.

I stayed silent.


"Shadow, I need you to fix the washer, please and thank you." Rouge said nicely from the basement when I was in the kitchen cooking. It was just Mac n cheese. I make a bomb Mac n cheese.

"Okay." I said and walked to the basement steps, and went down them. Rouge met up with me in the middle.

"The buttons won't work." She said and I laughed.

"That's a description?" She laughed at my comment.

"Yes." She chuckled and walked up the stairs.

"Don't let my dinner burn!" I yelled to her and walked to the washer. It was silent as tried pressing the start button. Well, it doesn't turn on. I could hear Rouge's humming from the basement, as she was probably near the oven.

I started tinkering with the washer, and Rouge's humming was helping me focus.

I pressed the start button, and the water started to flow into the washer. Then, the humming stopped. A cold stop. I started walking up to the steps. I heard what sounded like a gargle.

Then the pot slammed onto the ground.

I ran up the steps, two at a time. When I got to the top, my heart stopped.

I heard Rouge fall onto the floor with a thud.

I saw Sonic standing there. He slowly turned around to face me.

His detailed green eyes were no longer there.

It was the eyes of a psychopath. A murder. A cruel being. His name was Sonic. His blue fur was lined with a gold.

One of his arms was covered in elbow deep of red.

Which was Rouge's blood. The wound was in her stomach. A second one was in her heart.

Time sped up, and I saw Sonic start to cry once I pushed him out of the way.

"Rouge!" I yelled as I fell into my knees. Pulling her body up to mine. It was lifeless and limp.

Her eyes were open.

"Rouge..." I said quietly, as my eyes started glossing over.

"Why...why did you come back?" I said as my voice was hesitant. I waited desperately for a reply that I knew I wouldn't get.

"AWNSER ME! Rouge...please awnser me..." I said, and I held her close. The wound in her stomach was leaking red all over me. I wanted it to stop. This madness.

Sonic's POV

"Fleetway!" I screamed with all my heart.


What is it, Sonic?

"What did you do?!" I yelled into the nothingness.

What do you mean, what did I do? It was you.


It was all your temptation, Sonic.

"Quit lying! Quit lying to tricked're using me."

Now that's not true. You wanted this. I gave it to you.

Welcome to the temptation. It's a feeling that is an aching pain. You know that you are doing something you shouldn't.

So tell me, Sonic.

How does it feel?

So, the other day I was with my friends before practice and we found a baseball out on the field. We started throwing it around and I yelled for them to throw it to me, and this kids chucks it to me lol. I go to catch it and THAT LIL MFING BASEBALL HIT MY HAND SO HARD
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