flashback (jess)
jess never really had parents back in the enchanted forest. for as long as she could remember, jess grew up alone. as she grew older, she learned how to survive in the woods.
at about the age of ten (she's fourteen now), jess stumbled upon a strange magic figure in the woods. it held out its hand, but jess was not completely sure of how to react. the literal glow in the figures eyes showed to jess that, if she took its hand, better things would come her way. although hesitating, she  reluctantly took the figure's hand. in an instant, jess felt her feet off the ground and the cool wind in her face. they were flying!
once the figure (also known as the shadow) dropped jess back to land, she was almost sent right back home; to the woods. but something convinced the ruler of the land that she  should stay.
flashback (peter pan)
someone had arrived on the island; i felt it. i soared through the air to the edge of an island to find who this new person was. i expected it to be a boy, but what appeared in my eyes was a girl. i thought about sending her back to the enchanted forest, but I could see in her eyes that she's was as broken and miserable as the rest of us.
i knew who she was even before arriving on the island. a prophecy once stated a girl would come to the island to bring all the lost boys closer. not only that, but she would be the fiercest warrior, magic or no magic, other than myself.
i couldn't let someone so powerful live alone.
I've come to the conclusion that every flashback / past story thing would start with the word "the" in the chapter title
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