Snap out of it! - Stiles/Nogitsune

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A/N: This lil one is for the beautiful @charming_girl_
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It's around 3am when I get the call.
"Nancy...we need your help, it's Stiles..well...I mean not really but..y'know..void Stiles" Scott says frantically. My heart sinks and I look to the floor.
" there in five" I reply before hanging up. I sigh as I get out of bed and change into the closest pair of jeans and slip into a red hooded jacket. Actually, this jacket is from Stiles, he has a matching one. I smile at the memory before grabbing my bag and heading off.
I have no need to be quiet since my parents are out at a family friend's place for the night.
I lock the door behind me and head off down the dimly lit path, walking to the McCall house.
A few minutes of walking and I'm at the door. I knock briefly before walking in. The whole pack is already there, solemn looks on their faces. I walk over to them and there on the couch, mouth duct-taped shut, is the shell of the boy I love. Only the shell is there, the nogitsune is inside him. I know he is still there somewhere, fighting to get free.
His eyes catch mine and I quickly look to the floor, not wanting to see him like this.
"Why do you need me?" I ask quietly, turning around to face Scott.
"We heard that if the one possessed by the nogitsune hear's someone he truly loves telling him that he can beat the evil spirit, then it will give them the strength to force the spirit out of them" he replies looking slightly hopeful.
"I've seen the way he looks at you Nancy. You're his whole world, he loves you" Scott continues. The others nod in agreement and I gulp.
"Okay...I'll take any chance I can to save him" I reply, trying to gain confidence.
The pack walk off into another room leaving me alone with void stiles.
I take a deep breath and stand before my possessed boyfriend.
"Stiles? I..I know you're still in there. I know that it's difficult and you're scared. And that's okay. I get that, I'd be terrified." I say, trying to smile.
He simply points at his duct-taped mouth. I pause. Should I?
Yes. I need to talk to Stiles even if the nogitsune is there. I lean over, my hand shaking, and rip off the tape.
"Ahh! Oh dang that hurt missy" he says.
It hurts to hear his voice being controlled by the nogitsune. I know it's not him I'm talking to though.
"Good, you deserve it. Now let me talk to Stiles" I say sternly, holding my ground.
He laughs, evilly of course, and stands up.
"My my, you should hear that boy right now. He's shouting at me so loud, ugh it's annoying me" he says, rubbing his head.
"You son of a bitch, get out of him!" I shout, tears welling up and anger building. I can't hurt him though because that would be hurting Stiles too.
"Or what?" He replies, stepping closer to me. I back up but he keeps moving forward. He pins me to the wall and gives me a sick smile.
"What are you going to do about it?" He whispers and I let out a whimper.
"That's right, nothing!!" He shouts and shoves me to the floor. I let out a cry and struggle to my feet.
"Stiles! You can beat him! I know you're still there!" I shout through sobs. The spirit just laughs and shoves me down again. I hit the floor hard and groan. He then starts kicking me in the stomach and I lay there crying. I want to defend myself and I am full capable of doing so. But that would mean hurting Stiles.
"Stop!" I shout, tears pouring down my face. "Stiles I know you're there come on!" I cry out. I look up at him through tear blurred eyes and he stops. I rub my eyes and stare up at him. He's holding his head in his hands.
"No! I'm in control! And you can't stop me!" He shouts. I stay silent, the occasional whimper escaping my lips.
"You're wrong! How dare you hurt her!! I told you not to! You're nothing to me now! You're a dead little fox you hear me?!!" He shouts back at himself. Stiles! He's there and he's fighting.
"Stiles!" I cry out and his head snaps to look at me.
I stare as a pile of bandages flow out of his mouth and into a heap on the floor. My eyes widen as something crawls out of the pile, covered in bandages. I slowly shuffle back and look to Stiles. He's gone. Poof. Missing. My breathing speeds up but soon calms down as the creature crawling out the bandages flops on the floor. I slowly crawl over to it but back off as it reaches up to it's head and starts unravelling the bandage. I stare in awe and confusion as it reveals the face of stiles and then his shoulders and eventually his whole body. Only one thought running through my mind right now.
Stiles? Or Nogitsune?
The body sits up and sucks in a deep breath. It turns to me with a worried look across it's face.
"Nancy! Oh god Nancy are you okay?" He says scrambling over to me.
"S-Stiles?" I say quietly. He nods and I wrap my arms around him and start crying.
"Oh god Stiles it's really you" I say through sobs. He hugs me tight and picks me up in his arms. I look up at him, into his beautiful light brown eyes. He smiles and wipes tears off my cheeks with his thumb. He leans in towards me and kisses me deeply. I melt into it and run a hand through his hair.
He's back. He's himself again.
We break apart and he looks at me relieved.
"I-I...he was hurting you and..and I couldn't stop him..but you told me you knew I could so I kept trying and" he starts crying and puts me back on my feet. I cuddle him and gently rub his back.
"It's okay Stiles, I'm okay and you're back as yourself" I say smiling after weeks without being able to smile.
"Guys come here!" I shout out and everyone comes rushing in. They stare in shock before smiling brightly.
"Stiles!" Scott calls out and I move, letting him hug Stiles.
The rest come in and hug him too.
He takes my hand and looks at me with a tired smile.
"I love you Nancy" he says and I smile.
"I love you too Stiles, good to have you back" I reply with a slight laugh. He chuckles and pulls me into a hug.

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