Darkhowl Bio

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Please note, this amazing drawing was made by the one, the only, Kwehtonix ! :3 This entire Bio idea is hers.

Name - Darkhowl
Gender - Female
Age - 45 Moons
Rank - Warrior
Apprentice/Mentor - None
Crush - Willowheart
Mate - Cloudstripe
Kits - None... Yet.
Clan - Cross between RiverClan and WindClan



| Key |
- Negative
+ Positive
= Equal

|+| She often brings back too much prey, and because of this, she's called the best hunter though she specializes in fishing |+|
|-| She has slight anger issues, and takes insults far too seriously |-|
|=| She hates battles, though wouldn't mind shredding the fur from her enemies |=|
|=| She has a habit to stay up too late |=|
~ More to Come ~


Breed - American Curl, Maine Coon, and Munchkin mix.
Fur/Pelt - She has a solid black pelt, with sleek, slightly uneven fur. Half of her face is tan tabby, though it is unsure where she got this, and her chest is white with a streak going down to her belly. Her tail is long and fluffy, and she's short, due to her Munchkin genes, and also has the slightly curled ears of an American Curl.
Eyes/Build - Her left eye is copper, while her right is pale blue, and she often complains of bad sight from her right eye. Her build is lean and strong, and she is built for swimming and running, though is a good fighter. She can propel herself like a jet through the river or on the moorland, and is fairly good at thinking up plans for a secret battle tactic she calls the 'Midnight Howl'.
Accessories - None.
Scars - None, though she comes close to some often.

| Key |
- Dead
+ Alive
= Unknown

Mother - Shadowbird -
Father - Troutwhisker =
Brother - Streamclaw =
Sister - Duskheart =
Nephew - ???
Niece - ???
Uncle - ???
Aunt - ???

| Key |
- Enemy
+ Friend
= Mixed emotions
💓 Crush
❤️ Love
💟 Best friend
💀 Dead

Lightningstar 💟 +
She was there since the start, like the sister I never had. She'll always be my best friend, no matter what life throws at us. (Belongs to Hadracorn50 )
Cloudstripe ❤️ = 💟
He's come close to making me mad, but I'll always keep him close to my heart.
Shadowbird ❤️ = 💀
I miss you, I really do. You may have only been in my life for a few moons, but I owe everything to you. You first introduced me to Cloudstripe and Lightningstar, and got me started in the Clans. I love you.
Troutwhisker =
I've never really seen you, besides at the border or at Gatherings, or even during battles. I'm unsure how to feel about you.
Streamclaw ❤️ =
Well. You may have chose to live in RiverClan, but you can still run! I don't know, were just not... Close.
Duskheart = 💀
I never really met you. I did know you as a kit, but then... You left, and I never saw you again. I know your out there, and I know your dead. The day dad told us... I was devastated. But, I look forward to meeting you in StarClan.
Splodge + 💓
When I went out to explore Twoleg-Place, and got lost, you brought me home. I'll admit it, you were my first crush - we may have only known eachother for a moon or three, but your a close friend, and always will be.
Falconstar - 💀
I despise your very existence. Your the one who killed my sister, I can sense it. Someday I'll meet you, and our claws with tear at eachother. And I know that only one of us will make it from that fight alive. Oh, how do I miss that I never had a chance to fight it.
Sparrowstar = 💟 💀
I count you as a best friend, even though I don't know how to feel towards you. Your great, really - you kept my hopes up even when I fell. I'll always thank you for that.
Leopardheart + 💀
You were the best mentor anyone could ever hope for. You showed me the best places to hunt, and never cared when I wanted to go fishing. You even laughed when you fell in. I miss you, and hope to see you in StarClan when my time comes.
Tumblefoot - 💀 💓
I honestly can't believe I ever liked you in that way. You were a follower of Falconstar, but I was blinded by your looks and soft personality. Oh, how I should've known that everything was lies. Yet, you still shattered my heart when you revealed yourself.
Prim 💟 💀
Ah, yet another Kittypet I met at Twoleg-Place. Your nice, yes, and I'll always cherish how kind you were, even when I had to go home. I only wish you hadn't followed, and that those dogs had been inside.
Turtlenose -
Oh, I'm still waiting for the day to rip you to shreds. And oh how I'll destroy your remains, until you've withered away into a dark, forgotten myth.
Willowheart 💕 💓
I often have looked at you and smiled. Although I do love Cloudstripe and do want kits, I'm not entirely sure if I want his...

Her history is not yet decided.

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