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Chapter 33-The Rival Gangs

Miranda Barone's POV

I sighed contentedly as Slade buried his head into the crook of my neck. "Come on, I have to get to work." I laughed and Slade grumbled before letting go of me.  

It was already noon and I had to get going. I slipped out of bed and shrugged on Slade's shirt. I could feel Slade's heated gaze on my body and goosebumps appeared. 

After last night's dinner, Slade had swept me up to our bedroom and we hadn't left since. 

I quickly dressed for work and went down to make a quick lunch that involved frozen lasagna. Picking up clothes from yesterday, I stepped on something wrinkled. Frowning, I picked it up to see Grayson's address on it. 

I sighed and placed it on the table before starting to place the frozen lasagna in the oven. 

"Who's address is this?" I looked up to see Slade holding onto the piece of paper with Grayson's address on it. "That's Grayson's residential address in New York. He asked me to pass it to you yesterday." 

Slade grimaced and crumpled it up. "I have no need for this. I want nothing to do with him." 

I frowned, "Don't you think you should at least keep that?" Slade frowned and scowled at me, "No. I told you, I want nothing to do with him. Didn't you already say you would stop pushing me to talk to him?" 

I crossed my arms defensively, "Yes I did. But I'm not pushing you to talk to him am I? I'm just saying, don't throw that away. That's the only contact you have with your brother." 

"I already said I told you I wanted nothing to do with my brother. So if I want to throw this away, I will. Besides this has nothing to do with you. So stay out of it." He said irritatedly. I frowned and crossed my arms. 

Was I pushing him to talk to his brother? No. Was I being unreasonable by insisting to keep Grayson's address? No. I didn't like that Slade wanted to keep me out again. Hadn't we gone through this before?

"You know what? I'll deal with you later. I have to go to the kindergarten." I said coolly and turned to leave.

Slade grabbed my hand, "Mel." He warned, "We are not done talking. Why do you want to keep Grayson's address? Is there something between you two?" His tone dropped and his blue eyes were cold and dangerous as if the thought of Grayson and I together would send him to a killing rage. 

My mouth dropped and I scowled angrily at him. Was he serious? "I have never given you any reason to doubt me so don't you dare accuse me of something like that!" I hissed and glared up at him. 

Slade scowled, "Then why do you insist on keeping his address other than to see him?" 

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