Chapter 8: Jobs and Classes

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I was exhausted. I expended a lot of my mana doing that kind of operation. But it was worth it, at least I have improved my [mana manipulation]. And also, because of my meritorious deed for the Duke I was absolved and now I am his VIP guest.

"Tomorrow, I will bring you to the adventurer's guild to have your pass card. If you'd like you could also register there to whatever class you want." The Captain said. He is currently placed as my tour guide by the Duke.

"Thank you." I bowed to him. I was given a classy room inside the duke's mansion. I was resting by the window in my room when someone knocked.

"Come in."

"Sir, the Duke wants to talk to you in his study." The butler said.

"Okay." I stood up and followed the butler.

This mansion is really huge. The corridors and hallways are all luxuriously decorated like they're advertising for the thieves. But nobody would think of intruding here, there are two gates here, one at the front and back. Each of the gates are heavily guarded, I mean HEAVILY! This mansion is a stronghold.

"Good, you're here. Come sit down." he gestured me to sit.

"I can't thank you enough for saving the life of my son."

"It was nothing. I only did what is right." I humbly said.

"Just tell me if you need anything. Leafret town will be happy to assist you." he offered.

After our little conversation I went to the young master's room. He was still unconscious but was gradually recovering. The chief healer was beside him casting some recovery spells.

"How is he doing, sir?" I asked.

"He's better now thanks to you." he replied smiling. I sat down beside the bed across the healer.

"How do you think those mana stones got into these children?" I was curious about this. Even though I know that this is an illness unique to this world but still it was quite bizarre.

"I also don't know. These mana stones shouldn't have those kind of [life draining] or [mana draining] effect. There are tribes who embed parts of their bodies with mana stones to have ease access to mana. Although their are some effects but not life threatening. Also, mana stones do form from concentrated mana and takes hundreds of years to congeal but I have never heard of such a thing being formed inside the body and in a very short span. Whoever did this is purely evil." he was angry. Angry at whoever did it.

I have nothing to say about it, I don't know much about this world in the first place. I just sat there nodding to what he was saying.

"Mister Loran, I am a bit curious."


"You are one of the [blessed]? Am I right?" He said with an excitement and curiosity drawn all over his face.

Blessed? What is that? I don't think I'm blessed but I gently nodded anyway, playing along.

"I thought so." His expression looked like he won millions.

"How do you know?"

"Well, you have this unique ability. The [blessed] people are the only ones in Chaos who possess such feat. You said you can see the mana flow? Right?"

So, there are special people? Out of ordinary?

"Yes." I confirmed. "Don't everyone see it? I mean all of Chaos use mana."

"Of course, but none of us can see the flow of the mana. We only feel it and absorb it, nothing more. There's no telling how that flows, its just a feeling of having power coursing to you."

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