"I come over
Quarter past two
Love in my eyes
Blinded by you
Just to get a taste of heaven
I'm on my knees"

Nicole sang along to the lyrics of Temporary Bliss by one of her favorite Bands 'The Cab'.

She was all alone in the Payne household since Brianna went to the party along side with Liam.

Nicole wasn't really a party girl,She never was a social lite to begin with,She may go once in a blue moon when Brianna gets lucky enough to convince her to attend any social gathering.But the young girl was like a house mouse.She liked being alone in peace in her own shelter enjoying the isolation.

Nicole completed the rest of her Homework.Nicole wasn't always the best student but she worked hard to get good grades so she can fulfill her dreams of attending UCLA and getting out of that crappy small town in Seattle.

Nicole then sighed and closed up her book,She then goes Downstairs and turns on the tv to Disney Channel to catch the old Halloween movies that made her childhood special.It was October 5th.

Nicole had an Hour until Halloween Town will come on so she ran upstairs took a hot shower and put on her pink Victoria Secret Onesie and made some popcorn.

White Cheddar Popcorn,slightly burnt.Just the way she liked it.

After finishing her popcorn she fixed herself a Glass of Pepsi Cola and a bowl of some Halloween candy her and Brianna bought for the trick or treaters this year.

Suddenly all the lights in the house flickered twice then turned off all together.

"Shit." Nicole cursed she grabbed a blanket and ran down to the basement to try to flick the power switch to the house but nothing different would happen.So she sighed and then a large hand came to her mouth and was dragging her upstairs.

She tried kicking the person but failed when she end up kicking the wall and she tried screaming but the large hand muffled her pleads for help.

"Relax Princess Daddy is not gonna hurt you."A deep voice strong as velvet with a Australian accent and small chuckle spoke making Nicole shiver,the feeling of that person voice made her feel comfortable and intimidated.

The voice of one Luke Hemming's.Daddy.

Luke released Nicole as she turned around and pushed him away stomping off back to the living room with Luke following behind.

"I thought you we're going to the party with the others."Nicole said sitting down,shoving a fist full of popcorn into her mouth.

"Why would I go?It seems so lame without you.Since you are such the Entertainment,Doll Face."Luke smirked sitting next to the small girl and Pulling her onto his lap.Nicole enjoyed how close she was with him.

"Baby why didn't you go to the party."Luke whispered.

"Because I don't like parties,I rather stay at home.The loneliness in the air is comforting." She bite her lip laying her head on Luke's shoulder.

"Are you comfortable being alone around me?"Luke asked looking into her emerald orbs.

"Yes I'm comfortable being alone with you.I feel so at home with your hands on me and warm being under your gaze."

The two smiled at each other and kissed each other slowly,So slow they didn't even realized a few minutes have passed.After the two pulled away panting Halloween Town was Already on.

"Lucas Hemmings would you like to do me the Honors of joining me watching my childhood favorite movie?" Nicole giggled.

Luke laughed and nodded."And Sweetheart it's just Luke,Luke Robert Hemmings."

"Robert?"The small girl giggled eyes glued to the Television.

"It's my middle name,what's yours?"

"Michelle"Nicole looked at Luke as he Chuckled.

"Michelle?"He laughed harder,"I was named after a full house Character blame my Mother."Nicole giggled along .

The Two spent the rest of that cool October night asking each other about themselves and sharing funny childhood memories,Nicole learned a lot about Luke.That he can Sing and play Guitar and was shy kid growing up.While Luke learned that Nicole is interested in Being an Actress and Loves writing and has a Dream to have a profession in indie pop Music.

Daddy and his Little was comfortable by the touch and warm by the heart for each other,Intimate by lust.But just intimate that night sleeping in each other's arms for another day to face the world and keep there secret in suspense.


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