Sarah's Big Event

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Mack's POV

I can't believe it! That Noah kid ruined everything! Dad wasn't finished with the house across the street yet and the company told him he wouldn't get all of his money until he finished the house. Now since Noah and his family moved in that house my dad is out of a job for now and doesn't get the rest of the money. This kid is ruining my life!!

Sar's POV

I don't understand why Mack doesn't like Noah he's amazing. I mean he hasn't done anything but be in her seat and his parents didn't mean to buy the house that  dad was working on so I have no idea what's her problem with him

*next morning*

My phone buzzes with a text. I am instantly confused I almost never get texts the only friends  I have are only my friends because of Mack and they don't text me this early and neither does Mack she would normally just come in and wake me up. I look at my phone and smile.

Noah: Hey cutie ;) just wanted to see if you were up and wanted to go for coffee before  school with me.

Me: Of course I want to come with you :) I'll be ready in 20 mins.

Noah: K I'll be there then 

 I put my phone on my desk smiling my new crush just asked me out. What a crazy week so far and it's only 5 AM on Tuesday. I rush to get ready and just as I finish I hear the door bell ring.  He's here yay!!  I think in my head. But before I even get to the door I hear Mack calling me  

"Sar where do you think you are going!!" 

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