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Bella's pov

I wake up to my mom telling me we are here  we got  our bags and took a cab to our new house when we got there I notice four boys playing basketball across the street lets just say they all were cute one had blonde hair with blue eyes another had nice eyebrows with brown eyes then one with dark hair and eyes and the last boys had brown had with hazel eyes. The one with hazel eyes we made eye contact and smiled at each other. My mom told me to go and look around the new house I found a huge room with a bathroom and a walk in closet. This definitely mine room a hear my mom call me to come downstairs. I go down stairs to see the four boys who were playing basketball. Sweetie I want you to meet.. My mom said. Jack Jack Johnson said the one who has blonde hair. Jack gilinsky said the one with nice eyebrows and I'm Nate said the one with dark eyes said. I'm Samuel I live across the street but call me Sammy the one with hazel eyes said smiling. Hi my name is Bella I said smiling

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