Hearin the sounds of Jai's soft moans in my ear encouraged me to pick up my speed. Her pussy felt like a million dollars. Lowkey I felt like I was finna nut but I got my mind off da pussy.

"Kee- Keeeee oh my God."

"Fukk Jai."

My hands were full with her ass. I propped her small body up on the counter & rammed myself inside of her. Jai wrapped her arms around my neck as I picked her up. I missed this shit wit Jai. I knew I had her back. She clawed her nails deep down in my back as I bit down on her neck leavin a small hickey.

"Kee, we gotta stop this."

"Why baby?"

"Because we're not together anymore."

Jai pulled her shorts back up & fixed her hair.

"Wat da fukk dat shit suppose to mean then? I thought dis was us gettin back together."

"No, It's just meaningless sex. Look, it's somebody I care for now."

"So you used me?"

"No Keenon. I want you to be in your child's life. I'm not even suppose to be having sex but its something about you, I just can't say no to."

Man I wasn't even tryna hear dat bullshit. Lowkey I was hurt & shit, but I aint let dat shit show.

"So dis is it for us?"

"I still like us to be friends."

"Friends? Wow."

"Keenon, please don't do this."

"We can be distant associates."

"Kee what the fuck does that mean? why are you doing this? You know you're gonna have to be in my life anyways. Why not as friends?"

"Jaida, I got enough friends. I gotta go."

"Kee stop being so damn stubborn."

"Wateva, you got it!"

I left her ass in the room by herself. I didn't appreciate how her ass was gone play me to da left for some new niggah. She wasn't suppose to move on like dat. I thought dat I was in da process of winnin ma baby back.

I checked my phone to see dat I had a missed text from Monica. I didn't even respond to dat bullshit. I went to drown my sorrows at da bar, where I met this fine ass .

"Hi, I'm Paige. I'm such a huge fan." She extended her hand over the bar.

"YG. You fine as shit. Come on out from behind dere."

She smiled as she walked out to come & Ass was outta dis world bruh. She gave me a hug & I grabbed ha ass. She giggled as she continued to hug me. Man I didn't even have to try hard wit dis girl like I did wit Jai.

"Come on, let's get outta here."


"Come on Michael. Work on them legs man."

My trainer continued to scream at me as he was preparing me for the upcoming football season. We took a break & I went to the bathroom. I shot up the steroids, that got me throughout the previous football seasons. I went back out to train more for another 20 minutes before heading home.

Once I got home, I checked my phone for any missed messages. I had a few but they weren't important. I started unraveling one of the bricks of cocaine & began to bag that shit up.

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