Imagine Dean trying to get you back

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Part 3/3

Four months later

You slide into a barstool and order a Black Russian. As the bartender mixes your drink, you examine the cut on your thigh that you got during the hunt you completed that day. It's not too deep, and it definitely doesn't need stitches. You can patch it up at home easily. Home being your hotel of course. Sliding your drink in front of you, the bartender winks at you and smiles.
"Can I get you anything else, gorgeous?" You blush and shake your head no. You stare into his eyes, and realize they're the same shade of green as somebody you've met before. Dean Winchester suddenly fills your mind. Ever since you caught him cheating with that slut in the bar four months ago, you've done everything possible to avoid thinking about him. You tried to leave hunting, but couldn't find a place to fit in, so you went back to it. You've hunted vampires, a wendigo, and countless ghosts and spirits. You took them down furiously, and tried to avoid thinking of Dean and how he broke your heart. It worked too.
Now, this bartenders eyes look eerily like Deans. You shake your head. You're just being stupid. Lots of people have green eyes. Besides, this guy is taller than Dean, and has darker hair and skin. You smile at him before downing your drink.
After two more drinks, you're a little tipsy. That's another thing about you that changed after leaving Dean. You almost never drank, but after you left him, you did start drinking. Not too much, just more than you ever did before. The door to the bar opens, and you glance over. You almost puke. It's Dean Winchester. Surely you've had too much to drink. He wasn't supposed to ever find you. He glances around the bar like he owns the place and suddenly lays eyes on you. He lights up and a grin fills his face. He strides over to you and throws his arms around you, pulling you close to him. You shove him off.
"What the hell, Dean?" You shout.
"Y/N, look. I known you hate me and you probably don't even want to speak to me but just hear me out, please?" He pleads.
"I don't need to listen to a god damn word you have to say. You broke my heart, you sorry son of a bitch. I loved you, I gave you everything and look how you treated me. Like I was just something to be thrown aside. Well, I've learned my lesson. I hate you, Dean Winchester. And I don't ever want to see you again." You snarl. Dean looks like he's about to cry.
"Y/N, please. Just hear what j have to say. Just give me five minutes and I'll explain everything. If you still hate me, I'll leave and never come back." He bargains, his green eyes brimming with tears. Your heart breaks again, and a little part of you wants to grab Dean close and never let him go. Your pride wins out and you say "Five minutes."
Dean launches into an explanation that he was at the bar and that he met a pretty blonde and decided to chat with her. Eventually, the girl kissed him and he was too stupid to pull away, so he kissed her back.
"I know it's no excuse, but I was drunk and wasn't thinking clearly. It was stupid and I'm so so sorry." He says. You're silent, so he tells you about going back to the hotel and finding your notes about the djinn. He explains how he went to hunt it, and it made him dream of being married to you and him holding your child. He explains that he's been hunting you down for the past four months.
"I screwed up bad. I screwed up really bad, and I'm so so sorry. I know words aren't gonna be enough, but I love you so much and I miss you. I'll do anything, I just want you back." Dean tentatively reaches for your hand. When you don't pull away, he gives it a gentle squeeze.
"Please, Y/N. Give me one more chance."
You're silent for a minute before saying "Alright. I'll give you another chance, but it's only because I love you too. I'm not promising that we'll get back together, but we can take a shot at being friends."
Dean grins and pulls you into a hug.
"Thank you, Y/N. I love you so much. I'll do anything to make it up to you."
"Anything?" You ask mischievously.
"Anything." Dean confirms.
You grin back. You're gonna have fun with this...

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