I have a 'Family Members In Danger' issue

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All I can say is that my muscles are sore. After my little talk with my awesome sis today , she pretended that she knew me for years ( which maybe she did ) and insisted that I do some chores for her. Chores like washing the bathroom, scrubbing the floor and doing the laundry.( while she was watching TV. From where she got network in a forest is still a mystery to me. She says that there is a big town nearby, but personally I think it's the magic stuff )
Now, I do not regret going to bed early. I really am tired, thanks to my sister. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

Who is making all this sound in the middle of the night?! Now a young 13 year old boy cannot even get his sleep after labouring the entire day!
I get out of bed and go out to check what the commotion is all about. Walking out to the backyard, I am taken aback by what I see. What I see is miles beyond what I expected.
In the dim light of the moon in the dark sky and the eeriness of the surrounding forest, my sister is standing in the middle of the backyard and surrounding her are a dozen shimmering white translucent figures. There are a number of humans and there is one dog playing around. But this is not what scares me the most.
There is one male figure having a serious and heated conversation with Pandora. When I look carefully at him, I stifle a scream. This figure is none other than my father.
With a start I realise that all these figures are ghosts. I try to creep closer to Pandora to hear the conversation. All I hear is horrible screeching whispers coming out of my sister and my dad's ghost. This time I am unable to control my scream. I am scared beyond my wits. That horrible sound and the deadly glowing aura surrounding Pandora is too much for me to handle.
Hearing me scream Pandora turns around with a jerk. All the ghosts, including my dad, disappear. Now it's just the two of us and the forest. Her aura has faded, making her look a little like a human now. But she still looks deadly. Her skin is looking pale in the moonlight and her chocolate brown hair is almost camouflaged with the tree barks all around. I am almost afraid of her. Almost.
Her concerned look brings me back to reality. She is my sister and she loves me and I love her too.
"Are you alright?" She asks. I give her a small nod. "I didn't mean to scare you," she continues.
Shivering a little I ask her, "W...was that d..dad?" Her expression turns grave. "Yes," she answers quietly. "What did he want?" I question her again. "Eric, lets go back to the house. We need to talk." Is all she says.

Once we are back inside the house, we go to my bedroom. I make myself comfortable on the couch, while Pandora sits on the edge of my bed. She looks at me with a complicate and unreadable expression.
After a moment she says,"Mom's been kidnapped. "
For a moment I don't believe what I hear. Then it hits me. Hits me hard. Mom, the only family I have other than Pandora. Or at least had. I look at Pandora with a desperate look on my face. She also looks very pale. I finally manage to remove the word,"How?"
"The other werewolf kidnapped her. By what dad has told me, he has long left the forest and taken with him. But she is still alive and unharmed. For how long she will stay that way I don't know. Go to sleep now. We talk about this tomorrow morning."
And just like that she left the room.

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