chapter 5

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Colts pov

She went through a lot. I just want to hug her and not let go. Well I want to learn more about her.

Do you need a roommate cause I'm looking to move out and yeah. I asked nervously. Her eyes went wide and nodded yes.

Sweet we can ditch tomorrow and I'll get some stuff or we can go now. I asked.
sure let's take both cars. She said. Let me go throw on a shirt tho.

-----------my folks house-----------

Well fuck my ma's home. I parked my car in the drive way. Esme parked behind me. I got out and walked to her. She smiled and got out

Alrighty my ma may ask what happen to yo face. If you want just say you got into a fight with some chick at school. I said nervously.

Okay. Was all she said.

We walked in my house. Ma I'm home but I'm just here to pack some clothes. I yelled. My ma came in did you find a place she asked. Yeah this is a student that was looking for a roommate and I asked and she accepted.

Hello ma'am I'm Esmeralda Garcia. But please call me Esme. She said with a smile.

Hello Esme I'm Lilly and please just call me Lilly. My ma said with a smile.

Well dear go get your things than you have school tomorrow. I get a couple of men to come by and pack your things and it will be ready after school for you to pick up. My ma said with a smile.

Esme you can come with me or wait here if you want. I said with a sympathy tone.

I'll come with you. Was all she said.

We went to my room and I got a couple of duffle bags and packed the things I needed. Couple minutes I was done. She was playing on her phone. Hey let's go I'm all done. I said. She nodded and left the room.

Ma we leaving. Love ya see you tomorrow. I yelled to her. Okay you kids drive safe. she yelled back. We left the house. Esme got in her car and I go in mines. We left to or house. I think I'm going to cook tomorrow Italian food. Yes thats what I'm going to do. We arivved to the house. I got my bag and we went inside.

Yo here's the spare key to the house Colt. She said while handing me the key.

You can bring anyone over, but if any of the barbies steal my shit you and them are losing a limb. She said in a dangerous tone. I nodded my head okay.

I'm going to a fight tonight. I'll be back around 2am. She said getting ready. Okay.

Well she left. I texted one of the girls I sleep with. There was a knock on the door. And it was Raven. We went upstairs and fucked. She left an hour ago and now I'm in the living room drink a beer and watching soccer.


I was getting ready to go to bed when the door open and revealed Esme with a couple of cuts on her face and she's holding her ribs. I walked over to her and picked her up bridal style and placed her on the couch. I closed the door. I got a wet rag and cleaned her face up.

You should she the other guy. She said laughing.

I bet he's worse. Let's see your side. I said nervously. She lifted up her shirt and it's just brusied.

I'll get you ice pack. Your ribs ain't broken but they are brusied. I said grabbing a ice back. She nodded and got up but only to fall back on the couch.

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