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"Who is the tiny one?"

Tony sighed as a familiar blonde head walked from the training room to join him and Natasha in the rec room.

"His name is Peter," Tony replied. "He and his sister were attacked, his sister was drugged. We brought them back here to recover."

"Will not their parents worry for them?" Thor asked as the foursome of Clint, Steve, Peter and the unconscious Gwen disappeared into one of the spare rooms.

"Their parents are dead from what the boy told us. They've been living on the streets, running from something it seems, for months now. The boy also has abilities," Natasha said.

"Abilities?" Thor queried.

"I'll explain later, for now, let's get something started cooking. Peter looks like he hasn't had a proper meal in ages," she said as she disappeared into the kitchen.
"What will we do with them?" Thor asked Tony as they followed the red-head into the kitchen.

"When the sister wakes up, we'll talk to her. We'll probably be able to get information that makes sense out of her. Then, with Fury's approval, we'll start training the boy," Tony replied, watching absently as Tasha whirled around the kitchen preparing something that smelled amazingly good.

"You mean you guys have video games?" the child's voice carried from the hallway. "That's awesome! Will I be allowed to play?"

Steve appeared in the doorway, Peter perched on his shoulders, talking animatedly with the man.

"Of course you'll be allowed," Steve replied, swooping him off his shoulders and plunking him down in a chair at the table in the room. "And your sister too when she wakes."

As Steve turned to help Tasha with the final preparations of dinner, Peter eyed Thor with narrowed eyes. "Who are you?" the young boy asked.

Seeing that the thunder god was about to start his 'I am Thor, god of thunder, Son of Odin' routine, Tony cut him off quickly. Thor's thundery voice that more than lived up to his title would only scare the kid, not something they needed.

"This is our friend, Thor," he told the boy. "He stays with us too sometimes."

Peter's narrowed eyes lessened to an extent, but his distrust was still plain. "Will he swear on his heart?" the boy asked Tony.

"Probably," Tony replied. "Why don't you ask him?"

"Will you swear on your heart that you won't try and separate me and Gwen or give us back to the Goblin Man?"

"Swear on my heart? Why on my heart?"

"Sis says that the heart is the center of your being. Swearing on your life doesn't mean anything because people are too quick to give up their lives."

The adults in the room stared at the boy with mixed expressions of awe and surprise.

"I don't know what it means," Peter finished with a shrug. "But that's what she says."

"Well your sister is one smart girl," Thor said when he finally found his voice again. "Alright, I swear to you on my heart that I will do nothing to try and separate you from your sibling or give you back to this Goblin Man."

That seemed to appease Peter, as he turned to the grilled cheese sandwich that Natasha placed in front of him and began devouring it. As he ate, the rest of the adults began to eat as well as talk, being careful to keep the conversation light because of the child.

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