My name is Stefan

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Hey I guys I put a picture of Stefan, Matt, and Caroline. This is the same order as the pictures. Enjoy guys
You were walking down the street from your apartment. You wanted to go to the Grill to go and eat some lunch. You were meeting up with your best friend, Caroline Forbes.

When you got to the Grill, they were just opening. You smiled to the waiter, Matt, known as Caroline's boyfriend. You saw Caroline sitting at a table. You walked toward her. "Hey"you say. "Hey, (Y/N)"Caroline said. She was looking at something over your shoulder. You took a sit at the booth with her. You sat at the opposite side of her. "What are you looking at?"you asked her, about to turn around. "No, don't turn around"Caroline said. You decided not to turn around.

"There's just this guy who keeps looking at you. He hasn't took his eyes off you since you walked in"Caroline explained. "Is he cute?"you asked her. "(Y/N), if I'm talking about him right now, that means he is super cute"Caroline says. You smiled. Soon, Matt walked to the table and took you and Caroline's order. "One more thing"Caroline said with a smile. She grabbed Matt's shirt to make him lean down and kiss her. They were kissing and you rolled your eyes. You glared at the bar and saw the guy Caroline was talking about. He had on a black buttoned shirt. His hair looked like a dark dirty blond. He was looking at you and you glared at him. He smiled and you smiled back.

Caroline stopped kissing Matt and you turned around before she had anything to say about it. "I'm going to go to the bathroom. Be right back"Caroline said. You nodded and couldn't help, but look at the guy. He started to walk towards your table. "Hey"the guy said. "Hi"you say. "My name is Stefan"the guy introduced. "My name is (Y/N)"you say. Stefan smiles and you smile, too. "That's a beautiful name, almost as beautiful as your smile"Stefan said. You smile and pull a piece of your hair behind your ear.

"Can I buy you a drink?"Stefan says. You nod your head and Stefan smiled again. "Okay"he says, getting up heading to the bar. Caroline comes back from the restroom and asks you what you want to eat. Stefan comes back, holding two drinks in his hand. "Um...Stefan this is my best friend Caroline. Caroline this is Stefan"you say, introducing them to each other. Stefan holds out his hand and Caroline shakes it.

"Hey. I got to go. Matt is actually taking me to lunch somewhere"Caroline says. "Are you sure? What about lunch?"you ask. Caroline starts to put on her jacket. "Oh, I'm sure Stefan here wouldn't mind having lunch with you"Caroline says, looking at Stefan. "Of course I wouldn't mind having lunch with a goddess"Stefan said. You smiled and nodded towards Caroline. "I'll call you later"Caroline said. You nod again.

Caroline grabbed all her things and walked out the door with Matt. "I'm sorry about friend"you say. "Nothing to apologize about"Stefan said, smiling. You spent the rest of the afternoon, learning about Stefan and his past. You thought to yourself when there was a moment of silence and you both looked into each other's eyes. You told him you were a vampire and he said he was too. You smiled. I can't believe I have a guy who likes me for me you thought.

Sorry about the bad ending. I couldnt really think if anything. I was writing this kinda late so maybe because I'm tired. Idk. Vote, comment. I'll update soon. I need more followers. Goodnight, my fanz

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