Night Time

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-Mickey's View-

I walked toward the movie room with Gus. Well, he flies And I walk. "Hey Gus, I just remembered something." I said. "What is it Mickey?" Gus asked and looked at me. "You never told me about your special lady." I said with a chuckle. Gus face turned pink and looked forward. "Oh yes....her." He gulped. "You haven't done the moves yet?" I said. "N-No, not yet." Gus stuttered. "C'mon Gus, you can do it! If you need help you can just talk to me. I would be glad to help." I said.

"Thank you, Mickey. I'm just waiting for the right time." Gus said, going back to normal color. We smiled at each other and saw a room a head that was dark, with some lights coming from it. "That must be it." Gus whispered. I nodded and we carefully entered the room. The room was huge, huge screen, and a bunch of seats. The bunny children were watching the movie. "Kids and their movies!" Gus chuckled. "Agreed." I said.

"So Mickey, are you going to feel homesick now that you're going to  live here?" Gus asked. "Eh, maybe. It will be a nice experience though." I said. Gus nodded. "Plus I get to see my pal!" I continued, and gently punched Gus on the arm. He rubbed his arm and chuckled. "Very true!" I chuckled and looked down the hall. "Its been a while, where is Oz-Oswald and Ortensia?"

"Wait, what were you going to say Mickey?" Gus asked. "Hm? What?" I said. "Were you going to say Oz-Ozzie!" Gus gasped. "No!! I was trying to say OSWALD!!!!!!" I said with a blush. "What? What did I do?" Oswald said, walking in with Ortensia. "Shhhhhh!!!" The children said. "Oh, right. Heheh. Sorry!" I whispered. "What happened Mickey?" Ortensia asked.

"Oh, funny story! Mickey was about to say-" I covered Gus' mouth. "How amazing Oswald is! Just wow. Awesome guy. You're lucky to be married to him Ortensia." I said with a nervous smile. Ortensia chuckled "Oh yes! I sure am." Ortensia said, kissing Oswald's cheek. Gus looked at me and I uncovered my mouth. "Right, well then." He said.

I made a small yawn and rubbed my eye. "What time is it? My house is a bit far from here, so I should get rest. Its been a busy...big day." I said as I stretched my arms. Gus looked at the screen. "And it looks like the movie is about to end. A movie is about 2 hours long right?" Gus asked. "Somewhat." Oswald said.

"Hm, Around 9:30 I believe. Wow time sure flies." Gus said. Oswald looked inside. "The movie is in like half of the movie. So its 8:30 Gus." Oswald said. "Oh, my bad." Gus said with a nervous smile. "Wow its kinds early." I said. "I'll leave around 10:00." "Awesome!" Oswald said. "Hm, what should we do?" Ortensia said. "Hm...*gasp* I know!" Oswald said, rubbing his hands together. "Truth or-" "No!" Oswald was interrupted by Ortensia. "Aw, why?" Oswald asked.

"Because every time we play that someone gets hurt!" Ortensia said. "Sounds fun to me! Plus we don't really have anything else to do, unless you want to watch the movie with the kids." I said. "Oh no! I have seen that movie so many times! Its annoying!" She said. I chuckled. "Truth or Dare it is." Gus said. "Oh boy." Gus continued, facepalming.

We walked to the living room and sat down. "Ladies first." Ortensia said. "Go ahead hun." Oswald said. "Mmm Mickey! Truth or Dare?" She asked. "Umm truth." I said. "Hm...oh! Is it true that you have friends that look exactly like the animatronics but aren't them?" She asked. "Yes, In my world, Donald, Daisy and Goofy are not robots, they're...fleshy like me." I replied. "Hm." She said.

"My turn! Gus truth or dare?" I said. "Hm Dare! Haha!" He said. "I dare you to tell me who your special lady is." I said. Oswald and Ortensia gasped. "There's a woman you like!" Oswald said. "Aw! That's cute! Who is she?" Ortensia asked. "Uhhhh..." Gus said blushing. "C'mon, she can't be that bad!" Ortensia said. "Its-its..." Gus mumbled.

"Who?!" Oswald said. "Stop pressuring him!" Ortensia said. "Shhhhh!" I said. "I rather not say," Gus said. "C'mon Gus, you can trust us." Oswald said. Gus sighed and looked down. "Fine, its... *mumble name*" "Huh?" Ortensia said. Gus kept mumbling until it was clear enough that he said "Clarabelle."

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