Chapter 2

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Emma's P.O.V.(Pic of Emma)
Hi guys, Emma here, and before I leave and go to school, I just wanted to tell you about me. In my school, people put labels on each other. So, I'm considered "emo". They think that just because I wear skull and bones, favorite band is Black Veil Brides, and my blonde hair is dyed rainbow, I'm" emo". It's BULLSH*T. Anyways, I'm off to the place that also scares me. B-U-L-L-L-Y-I-N-G. Yeah, it happens. I should really get going. Bai!
~Emma Lee
"Emma! We gotta walk to the bus! Mom gotta call last minute!"
"Can't dad take us?"
"Um, may-"
"NO! I'M WORKING!" Dad interrupted.
"Fine, Justin! Start walking! I'll meet you there!" I said, shoving my things into my backpack.
"It's only 2 minutes away! Literally!"
"That's why you can start walking, NOW GO!"
I heard the door slam.
"You don't wanna go to school today, do you?" My dad asked.
"I'm really not joking, I feel si-" I was interrupted by a portion of last night's dinner coming out of my mouth."
"I'll take you to the hospital. This MUST be serious."
"Wait, we had corn last night?"
"..,yeah, we REALLY need a doctor."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's g-" I burped.

Sorry CANDI for "not telling you I was updating?" Anyways for everyone who is reading my "Loved One" and "The Different One..." I will be updating tomorrow. I have a surprise in the next few chapters... BAI!

Is it bumped barfed or burped? ~Candi

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