Chapter 9 - Bright Hair

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Aphmau's POV

"Really Laurence. Really. This is" I shook my head. Garroth just stared at the TV screen, shaking his head slowly. Laurence was cracking up. "It''s the perfect show for mature teenagers such as ourselves, ahahaha!"

"I knew it wasn't gonna be a normal show...but this? I mean I'm sure Aph has watched this show when she was younger, but I haven't watched this once!" Garroth exclaimed.

"Hey! You haven't watched My Little Ponies even once? Well I guess since you don't have a sister, or in my case, Cadenza." Laurence smirked.

Laurence's POV

"Well I guess since you don't have a sister, or in my case, Candenza." I smiled thinking of her. Cadenza is probably the closest thing I will ever have to a sister. I love her, but in the way a brother would love a sister. We were both orphans, and I was alone. Her grandparents offered me to stay at their house with Cadenza, and now here I am.

"Who is Cadenza? Is she your sister?" Aph looked at me quizzically.
"I mean...I guess you could say that. She not biologically related to be, like DNA related, but were as close as family gets!" I smiled.

     Garroth looked at me. "So are we gonna watch an actual show or..."

     Oh yeah! I wouldn't be caught dead watching My Little Ponies, even though Twilight Sprinkle or whatever-her-name-is-with-the-purple-hair/fur is pretty cool. And she's purple.

     "Yeah, I have some shows on Netflix. Wanna watch those?" I grabbed the controller and pressed a bunch of buttons before they could even reply.


     Aphmau's POV

     After a few hours of watching Laurence's TV shows, a girl with bright orange hair walked in. She kinda looked like how Laurence did back in junior high.

     "Laurence! Are you home?" She called. Laurence got up quickly. "Oh shoot! I forgot to tell her I wasn't coming to school today!" He rushed over to the source of her voice.

"Cadenza! Hey! I'm so sorry for not telling you about missing school and stuff! It was kinda an emergency."

Garroth looked over at me. "Should we go over there or...?" I shook my head. "I don't wanna make anything worse."

Laurence's POV

"Why didn't you tell me? I was worried sick!" Oh god, she was mad.

I scratched the back of my head nervously. "Look, I know I should have told you b-"

"You should have!"

"It was an emergency! Look I can tell you the whole story if you like! Just don't get mad, okay?" Her facial expression died down. "Okay..."


She didn't look mad. I at least hope she isn't mad.

"Umm, so this Garroth and Aphmau, are they here right now?" She looked around the house.

"Yeah they're here. Guys it's safe to come down!" I called upstairs.

"Coming!" A voice called back. You could here the thump of their feet hitting the stairs. Finally, they came.

      "Hi! I'm Aphmau. You are Cadenza, right?" She held out her hand. Cadenza smiled in return, shaking Aph's hand. "That's me! And you are... Garroth?" She looked over at him. He was blushing a lot.

     Garroth's POV

     "And you are... Garroth?" She asked me. I don't know why, but I couldn't seem to get the words out of my mouth.  "Y-yeah! Th-that's me! You're Cadenza, right?" I mentally punched myself in the face. Of course she's Cadenza, idiot! She just said that!

      "Umm yeah, that's me!" She chirped. "So, what have you guys been up to? Laurence is such a bundle of joy and variety!" She stated sarcastically.

     "Hey! No fair! My Little Ponies and Bubble Guppies are perfect shows for us teenagers! You can't deny you're kind of a Bubble-Believer too!" He laughed.

     Cadenza walked up to him. "Five seconds to run, Laurence! One... Two... Three..." Laurence screamed dramatically. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

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