chapter 28

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My Bestfriend's Brother Chapter 28:

"Hey beautiful" he sits next to me at lunch


He takes one of my chips

"Your not sitting with your little possy"

"I'd rather sit with you" he smiles

Hes become such a sweetheart like seriously!!

"Awe how sweet" I pause "you up to something,are you tricking me? Do you have cameras around? Did they dare you to sit with me!?!" I laugh

"No" he laughs "I just wanna sit with you"

"Why? Im not your girlfriend"

"Oh but you will be" he smirks

"Oh I will?" I start getting butterflies again!

"You will"

"You coming in my room last night was very sneaky" I say

"You liked it"

"No I didnt" I was so lieing

"Thats not what you was saying when I was"

"Okay,okay no need to repeat what happened" I blush

He laughs "who knocked on your door"

"My mom"

"For what?"

"She asked if I was okay cause she heard noises" I blush

"Oh yea you were making noises when I put my"

"Okay! I get it" I get up from the table and he follows me laughing

"Wanna skip" I ask him

"Woah did I make Lauren a badass" he gasps

"Eh you probably did" I grab his hand and we walk right out without the teachers realizing it

We start walking "how was it back where you lived"

"It was....normal"


"Yea just normal"

"You know you never really told me about your dad"

I never told Anthony or anybody about my father. I guess I didnt wanna open up to him about that but now I do.

"My dad passed away" I turn my head looking at the tree blow

"He did? How? If you dont mind me asking"

"Cancer" I say low

He stops and hugs me

"Im so sorry"

"Im fine" I look up at him and he kisses me

"You are fine to much"

"I know" I grab his hand while we walk

"I know your dad treats your mom bad but you should have a connection with him, he did raise you and love you"

"My dad always showed tuff love" he shakes his head

"Hes just an asshole" he says

"Now I see where you get it from" I look at him and laugh

"Hey!" He laughs

"Did he move out yet?"

"Yea,he already got his own house,he said we can visit anytime"

"Oh thats good , I think"

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