Chapter 1

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"Brooke do you want to come to the shops with me?" Mum called from downstairs, "Ok I'll be down in a minute I need to get changed" I responded. Mum was already at the car when I came downstairs, I jumped in. She started driving but she wasn't heading to the shops. We pulled up in front of The Pet Shop, I've always really wanted a dog but we weren't allowed to have one here we used to live. "Are you joking?" I questioned mum, she shook her head and replied, "go pick one". I excitedly jumped out of the car and ran inside. There was so many cute dogs but I fell in love with a small fluffy white Cotonese. I decided to call her Zoe, I cuddled with her all the way home in the car. At home I made her a big cosy bed with a few spare blankets and gave her some of my all toys that I had found yesterday in the garage.

The next day I took Zoe out for a walk to the local park. A big golden Labrador came over to us, I was scared that it would attack Zoe. I quickly picked up Zoe so then the dog started licking my leg. Someone suddenly called "JESSE" and came jogging over, it was Bradley Will Simpson from The Vamps. He introduced himself to me "Hey I'm Brad I'm really sorry about my dog". I just stood there frozen from shock, he asked me what my name was, I slowly said Brooke. I then told him I was a huge fan of The Vamps and that I had like them since they were just doing covers on YouTube. Brad then asked what my phone number was so he could invite me over next time they have a practice. I have had the same number for years and today I had totally forgot it. I felt so embarrassed that I had forgotten my number while talking to the Brad Simpson. Brad was giving me a really cheek cute look while waiting for my number. I just decided to grab out my phone and told him my number. He sent me 'Hey' to make sure I had told him the right number. He then went to me a hug but I didn't know how to hug him because we had only just met so it turned into I really awkward hug kinda chest bump.

I skipped all the way home and I walked into the house and screamed "I MET BRAD SIMPSON" my parents both rushed from the lounge room. They looked like they had just been hit with a shock gun, Dad asked "the alcohol store BWS" I screamed "YES" and ran upstairs to phone my old neighbour. She didn't believe me at first but then when I said I had his number she started to believe. I talked with her for a hour till it was lunch time.

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