what is wrong with ppl

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Mummy woke me up this morning and told me to get ready . I was quite excited to go to school as I had made up with my friends and also the whole grade would see my new handbag that is the exact same as Taylor sifts new handbag . I climbed in my new private jet that matches with my purple mini skirt and Katy Perry purple crop top . I kissed mum goodbye and in no time I arrived at school.

We had free period today. So I decided I could just chillax with my group and of course everyone would be worshipping me. But when I arrived at school the most unexpected thing happened People were glaring at me as usual but they were snickering while looking at their phones then looking at me. I was quite confused to be honest . I mean no-one laughs at me!! I walked up to Tiffany , Courtney and Brittany and asked what happened but get this , they totally ignored me and kept talking about random crap. I could feel hot tears boiling up in my eyes. What was wrong I seriously needed to figure out . I mean did I have like a big green booger oozing down my nose or something???

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