Chapter 10: The truth comes out ( Tris's POV )

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Tris's POV

I stand up against the target. I look up to see Tobias with Three knifes in his hands. I close my eyes. I didn't realize how much this was going to remind me of Al. "Eyes open". Tobias says tapping the space in between his eyebrows. I look at him and think. I trust him he won't hit me. I start to tear up.

Al. I miss him so much. Not here not here. I stare at Tobias. He throws the first knife it hits close to my leg. He smiles. "You, can still back out". I shake my head. "Never". He smiles and throws the knife above my head. He smiles. "If you hit my ear again i will hurt you". I say to him. "Again?!?"

Asks Luke i look over at him.
"Yeah, he did the same the in my initiation". I say smiling at him. "So, he was your initiation instructor?" Luke asks. I nod." Yeah, he was". I say smiling. "Enough chit chat. Let's do this". Tobias says with an evil smile on his face.

"You hit my ear and i will hurt you". I say pointing at him. He smiles and throws the knife. It hits me in the ear. I look at him and yell. "YOU'RE SO DEAD!!"
He laughs. I run after him and he stars running. When i'm close enough to him i jump and tackle him to the ground. He rolls over and laughs. "I can't hide anymore". He says still laughing. "Me either". I lean down and give him a kiss.

"You're dating him?!?!". Luke says in shock. I look up to see Luke's shocked expression. '"Yeah" Tobias says smiling.

"Got a problem with that?" I ask in my instructor voice. Tobias stands up and pulls me up with him. "How long?" Asks Amy.
"Since my initiation last year".

I answer. "So you were dating your instructor?" Asks April. "Yes, i was." I answer back as Tobias wraps his arms round my waist. Suddenly the door opens and Zeke walks in.

"So they found out that the Dauntless prodigy's are dating?" Zeke says smiling. "Prodigy's?" Luke asks stunned.

"Yeah they both were ranked first in their initiation and they're both dauntless leaders. Not only dauntless leaders but they're the only dauntless leaders". Zeke says laughing at everyone's expressions.

"So your prodigy's and a couple". We both nod. "Woah". All the initiates say at the same time. "Okay, enough. Everyone get back to work". I say. They all look at us. "BACK TO WORK!!" I say louder. They all scramble back to the targets.

At 5:00 pm it was knock off. "Everyone get out. That's all for today". I say and they and they all leave. Then we're alone. "So, no more secrets". I turn around and see him staring at me. "I guess not".

He says walking over to me. I give him a kiss. "Let's go home". He says smiling. "Yeah, lets go". I say grabbing his hand as we walk back to our apartment.

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