Chapter 44-She's in a Coma?

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I sighed and still, tears are falling, and falling... suddenly,Superbook arrived

"What do you want?"i asked, bored, and voice cold as ice, and can't even say the word i forgive you.

"I will take you back in time... and... please, listen to every words these people would say to you"

I hesitated, and frowned"fine, take me there..." I look down and Superbook brought me inside the always sooo Familiar Vortex.

"hmm.." a voice echoed, like a ghost from behind. A familiar voice...

"Must i say that you are angry with the Lord?"the person flew in front of me, A see-through ghost.

"Joy?" I whispered, peering to see her, and when im correct, my eyes widened and try to hug her, but she JUST passed through ME -.-

"E-excuse me Chris Quantum. I am only active at the past. And by the way! No one can see me except you! And... i'll be with you at this Point unless i woke up ^_^"she grinned

"You still remember what happened before you got in a car accident?"i asked. Voice shaking, since its my fault

"Yes!! Why are you planning to die?!"She asked.

"Because of my grandpa dead, duh!" I rolled my eyes

"You must be joking!"she said, as we landed on the ground

"Im serious!!... uh.. Joy, tell me where are we"I said

She just smirked and giggled."secret! But you'll met a man named, Job.."

"You know What Joy? You still act weird even at your ghost form"i said. Funny, weird, she still acts the same Joy as ever. haha, wait? Why is her spirit following me?! But of course, her voice echoed even if theres no Wall for the sound waves to bounce through.

"Oh really? But the truth is you can't touch me ^_^ haha.. but hey! I haven't change hmm.. Because of your stupidity, im in a coma!!" She shouted

"What?! You're in a coma?! i thought you're okay -.-.."I said

"I am, im just unconscious and in a COMA!!"she keep on shouting that word

"Woah! Im sorry! It was my fault... but when will you wake up?"I asked

"I dont know. Ask God"

I frowned and said"i dont trust him anymore"i walk down the path and find that man, but it seems like we have to walk far jus to get to his Land.

"Why dont you? Is it because of your grandfather dying and me, Almost Dying?"

"Yes!! He took everything from me!! You, grandpa! Maybe our house, Mom and all that i love will be taken!" I shouted

"Thats because you doubt his plans. As far as i know, your grandfather told me that... you should turn to God, but then you set on a different path, a path where your grandfather doesn't want you to go... and that path is turning away from him"

"You talked to him huh.. listen closely Joy. you dont understand what i feel.. so please, do---"

"I understand what you feel!! My grandmother died because of a gun!! she died because of it!! And i blame God at first!! I wanted revenge!!.... but until i realized that this was all God's plan!!"she glared at me

I just become silent.. and.."who cares... if its God's plan, he has no right to take my family and YOU away.."

"Wow, if thats what you want then i'd rather die than stay in a comatose"

"WAIT.. again i'll ask you...HOW IN THE WORLD DID IT END UP TO COMA?!"i asked

"Probably, the actual force of the car hitting me and my head actually hit the ground so harddd.. Equals.. the nurse you just asked lied to ya.. good luck on praying for me to live haha.."she smiled warmly, even though i know that she isn't happy about being in a state of a COMATOSE!!

"Im gonna kill that nurse!!" I whispered

"the truth is, you didn't know you're injured as usual."She said


"touch the back of your head. It isn't that severe but its wounded."says Joy, crossing her arms

"ow! It does hurt!"

"Haha... told ya... and by the way, where are we going?"she asked

"Oh, yeah, to the house of Job!"

"B-b-but the... road was.. right there?"she pointed east of here

"Oh.. then lets go there"I said, she just giggled and followed me.

i can see her, but i can't touch her.. i can talk to her, but others think im a fool... no... im just in love with the person that almost died because of me.

"Have you forgiven me?"

"yes. But have you forgiven God?" she asked

"Uh... no... he controls everything, its actually his fault why Grandpa died so i dont feel sorry for blaming him."i said

"O-okay then..."She looks up and i felt some wind on my shoulders, she's trying to hold my shoulders and see if she can touch Me

"Its no use.." she sighed

"Joy... dont worry! You won't feel this pain.. Anymore!"i tried hugging her, even if im hugging the warm air because of her being a ghost, i can feel that she is not in a coma, she is beside me.

"Why do you still try to hold me even if its impossible?"she asked

"i... i dont know! I can't help it! I can't live without you! I can't!!"I shouted

"Chris, listen, im only in a.. uhmm.. A coma with a severe injury... i guess.. but see? Im always here with you! Now Chris, i want you to learn to forgive God,FORGIVE the world."

I paused and hesitated to nod.."Chris?"her ghostly eyes shined like crystal.

"oh fine!! Lets start going to Job! Gosh.. i can't resist you -.-" i pout and i run down the hill

"Hey... oh yeah.." She just fly down the hill.

"Listen up Christopher Quantum!  You have to learn at this point okay?! Cause if you didn't im gonna leave you behind!"

"What?! No!! Dont do this to me!" I shouted, running down to Job's house

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