Kili's words of warning

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Bella, was kept away from Kili. Which in many of the company's, including her own was a stupid move.

Kili was chained up and muzzled when he had wolfed out and there was no way in hell the elves wanted a naked Dwarf running around the palace. Though she would laugh at the heads that would have turned. Kili's whimpers soon turned to howls of longing and fear "SHUT UP YOU MUT!" yelled an elf

"He is not a mut ass hole." she growled out.

She wished her mother was here, she knew her mother would not stand for this one bit. Just then the red head she-elf stopped infront of her cell "The King wants to see you." the she-elf said.

Tauriel was one of the few friends that she had "No, not while my one suffers will I see your king. He is the reason Kili is in the shape that he is in." she said calmly, or as calm as she could with out spitting in her friend's face

"Then he will send for guards to drag you out." said Legolas in a warning tone

"Then I will kick all of their asses now will I not?" she asked

"And put him in more pain?" Tauriel asked pointing to Kili.

Bella knew that Tauriel was right "Looks like I have no choice." she said as she motioned for Tauriel to unlock her cell door.

Once it was opened she made her way to the thrown room where Legolas's pain in the ass father sat high on his mightier than thou-art thrown. Thanduril, looked down at her "Ah, young Bella. How is your wolf doing?"

If the king was trying to piss her off he was doing a really good job of doing so. She looked at him and growled "Shitty no thanks to your blonde cross dressing ass."

Thanduril laughed "Your mother would call me that as well. Believe me when I say this, but if I would have known your mother would fall that day I would have helped."

That ripped it, she was going to rip his head off. She charged the thrown only to have a sword at her throat. Not just any sword Thanduril's sword. She froze and glaired at him "My mother is alive and when she wakes up. I will tell her of what you have done, and I hope she beats the living orc shit out of you." she snarled.

The King of Mirkwood laughed "If she ever wakes up, the dragon gave her mercy for what she is." said Thranduril

"Let me into Kili's cell so I can calm him down." she said

"And have a naked dwarf running around my kingdom, I think not." said Thranduril

"Why scared you might enjoy the view Thranny?" she asked.

The sting across her cheek was if any indication on what Thranduril had done. The pointed ear bastard just slapped her. Thranduril ordered her to be taken back to her cell, as Legolas lead her with Tauriel following close behind "Oh your father is so dead when my mother finds out." she growled

"I have never known my father to strike a woman, what he had done to day is excusable." said Legolas

"Oh trust me he is going to wish he hadn't laid a hand on her." said a voice

"Vili, what are you doing here?" she asked as the ghost made himself known

Kili, wanted to see Bella. To hold her, kiss her, love her, in the only way that would satisfy him and the wolf. Her under him screaming his name. His cell door opened and his eyes snapped open as he began to growl and snatch on the bindings holding him. He soon calmed when he saw who it was. It was his beloved! His tail wagging, slapping the wall in vigor as his mate entered his cell "Calm Kili, find the real you. Let the wolf return later, but right now you need to come out." she said.

He did as he was told slowly reverting back to normal as she brought him a change of cloths. She freed him of his bonds and he pulled her flush against his naked form. He growled low in anger at the red mark on her face "Who hit you?" he asked.

Bella sat on the floor "Thranduril did, though from what I hear my mother is awake and your father is going to tell her what he did." she replied.

Kili looked passed her to see the prince and the she-elf standing in front of his cell door backs turned "Come get dressed." she said.

He did as he was asked and got dressed looking up at her as she stood "I wish I could stay in here Kili, but I can't Legolas and Tauriel are risking enough by letting me free you and giving you, your cloths." she said

"I understand my love. When we are freed from here then we will spend all the time in the world together." he said

"I can't wait my love." she replied as he kissed her soundly on the lips.

As soon as the kiss broke Bella left the cell as Legolas closed and locked it "Make it known to your father, if I see him I will kill him." he growled

"You are truly her one then. Bella is my friend as well as my kin. Please care for her." said the Prince.

Kili nodded having new found respect for the prince.....

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