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(After 5 months)


Its been a 5 months since alen left me . He never text me. He find a new one girl bestfriend. He forgot me . I dont love him anymore !!!

"Anak bangon na. Mag ready ka na . Mag babakasyon tayo sa ilocos norte . Sa lola mo may sakit daw siya . Doon ma rin tayo mag susummer . " my mom said
And yes its summer !

So yeah. Nag impake na ako. Mamimiss kita Urdaneta , Pangasinan!!!


Hellooooooo! Ilocos norte!!!!

"Mommy!!!!!" I shouted

"Yes anak?" She reply

"Ang ganda dito! I hope i will enjoy my vacation here" i said

"Yes. I sure youll enjoy it . Kasi ikotin natin ang buong ilocos norte pati na sa vigan" she said . And i just smile

Wow! May nakikita akong malaking naka sulat na 'LAOAG' sa may bundok .

"Before we go in our house. Mag sho shopping muna tayo" my mom said

And yeah . Until boom!!!! i bumped on the boy . At my same age . And yeah . Icant deny it . Hes so handsome .

"What the tignan mo naman yong daanan mo" i said . And yes im 14y/o at nakakasalita na ako ng ganyan .

"You little kid . Can you please shut up or else i will kill you . Damn" the boy said . B***h. Shit sayang gwapo nito . Bad boy!

"Oh Ryan . Why are you here? Wheres your mom? " my mom said

"Mah?" I said . Im confused. Kilala ni mama?

" oh yeah. Uhmm ryan , kath mag pinsan pala kayo" my mom said

"What???" We said at the same time .

"No way" i said .

"Kahit anong gawin nyo kung mag pinsan . Mag pinsan . " my mom said . Ryan smile at me
. And i give him a fake smile and i rolled my eyes.


And yeahh . Nasa bahay na kami . I admit it mas maliit ito kesa sa bahay namin sa pangasina. And yeah bahay namin . Pero sa sobrang busy ni mama hindi na kami nakapunta dito . At pinaghirapan nila mama at papa nito. And yeah . Buhay pa si papa noon . Naka plano na kami na babakasyon kami sana last december . But unluckily na aksidente si papa a month before kami pumunta sana dito . So yeah . Mama decided na this summer kami pupunta dito . So yeah . Ito pa ang isang ala ala na iniwan samin ni papa . I really miss him .

(When papa got a accident)

"Papa where are you going?" I said

"I have a work anak"

"But pah . Its already a night . And you can do that tomorrow. "

"Anak! I have to go. "

"Daddy!" I shouted
But he just ignore me .

After 5mins. Some call my mom .
I heard what mama said


"What? Where?" She said while her tears doing down

"Asang hospital?"

"Yes im coming" she said

"Mom" i said

"Why are you crying. ?" My brother asked

"Come with me mga anak?"

"Where are we going?"

"In the hospital!" While she locked the door

"But why ?"

" i will explain later in the car"

So yeah OTW nakami sa hospital

"Mom what happen?"

"Ang dad nyo!"

"What happen to him?"

"He hitted by a truck and yeah . He is in the critical condition"

Ijust cry . Alot and yeah . I remember a while ago . Itold him kasi na not to go in the office na but he just ignore me. Kasi really love his work. Buhay niya pala ang nakasalalay sa work niya . Because of his work. He is fighting his life to death. I hope he will survive but . Thats impossible right now . Cause 50/50 na raw siya . Syempre truck yun . Malakas impact non
Anong kalaban laban yong kotse namin?

And finally we are here in the hospital

"Miss si arnold cruz asan?" My mom ask

"He still in the emergency room mom . And i heard 70/30 na raw siya" the nurse said

"What do you mean? " my mom asked again

"He is trying to fight mam but.. "

"Please mika help me . Bumibigay na siya" the other nurse said

"Mam im sorry i need to go . I need to help your husband to survive" the nurse said

"Please do everything.please!"

"I will do my best mam"

"Thankyou" my mom said

Shit i dont want to see my parents crying. And the doctor came out .

"Doc. What happened to my husband?"

"Mrs. Cruz?"

"Yes po"

"Im sorry . Youre husband already give up"

"What do you mean"

"Wala na siya!" The doctor said

And i cry a lot what i heard. It so damn .

Flashback end


Oh guys sorry sa boring na chapter . And you will see how beautifull ilocos is .

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