The Duel

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(Narrator's P.O.V)


Hunter immediately swings the Mini-Gun off his back and aims the multi-barreled weapon of death at Ren. Even as the barrels of the gun were still rotating, Ren was already running at him, full speed. When the gun finally fired, he had already halved the distance between them.

"Grrr..." Hunter began to scowl as Ren effortlessly weaved through the oncoming storm of bullets. Just as he had reached Hunter, he disappeared.

"What?" Hunter immediately looked around, not finding Ren, he looked up just in time to see him falling towards him, sword drawn. Hunter leaped back just in time to avoid his swift demise. His Mini-Gun however weighed him down and Hunter wasn't fast enough to pull it out of the way of Ren's sword. His Mini-Gun was cut cleanly in half, making it effectively useless.

"Damn it!" Hunter says as he pulls out his Kel-Tec KSG shotgun from his back.

The KSG. Ren thought. An internal dual tube magazine shotgun with a hold of 12 rounds of 12 gauge 3 inch rounds. Both Slugs or Buckshot...

*Bang* *Bang*

1..2... Ren began to count the shots in his head. He ran up to Hunter to bait his shots, only to Blink away and repeat the process.

*Bang* Bang* Bang*

3, 4, 5... Ren continued. Easily escaping the versatile rounds.

"That's it!" Hunter says as an audible *click* can be heard from his KSG.


Hunter had switched it to fully automatic! However, Ren calmly walked up to Hunter, sword hand ready.

"You think you can just walk up to me during a battle and live?" Hunter shouted angrily at Ren and pointed the barrel of his gun to Ren's head, which was only a few inches away.


"Huh?" Hunter stared at his gun, and realized what happened.

"12 shots, you're out." Ren said as he unleashed a devastating flurry of sword slashes.

"Arrrgh!" Hunter said as his shotgun was sliced, he pulls out his machete while blocking the slashes with his arms, blood flecking out of his wounds.

"That won't do." Ren said as he cut through Hunter's machete in a single swipe.

"Damn it!" Hunter pulled out his Armor Core sword and finally stopped Ren dead in his tracks, his sword wounds healed.

"Hmm? That won't break.." Ren said as began to struggle against Hunter's strength. Hunter broke free from the sword lock, and did a slash of his own. Ren, who hadn't expected this, tried to parry the strike, but was knocked back a few meters instead.

"Urgh..." Ren clutched his sword hand in pain.

How can he have so much strength? He thought.

Hunter chuckled at Ren.

"This fight isn't going to be as easy as you think!" Hunter smiled.

It was Hunter's turn now to charge at Ren, sword in hand. Ren was barely able to dodge each strike, not having enough strength to deflect or counter-attack. Slowly though, Ren's strength returned. He finally lashed back at Hunter, but as soon as he locked blades with him, he realized his mistake.

What am I doing? I'm clearly weaker than him right now to be locking blades! He thought. Ren, using both hands, tried his best to push back against Hunter's unnatural strength. Hunter, seeing this, laughed at Ren for trying to struggle and reaches behind him for something...

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