10 Facts About Kaiser (NOT AN UPDATE)

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Hi! Sorry that I didn't update, but I couldn't really think of anything :(. So I decided to give you guys some more info on my characters :). Enjoy!

1. Kaiser has extreme depression since he was thirteen. It actually started when his parents got a divorce, and finding out that his dad is an alcoholic. Of coarse at that age it pretty much destroyed him, mainly because he looked up to his dad. But it got worse at school with him being bullied.

2: He is half german and was actually born in Germany, but moved to Vegas when he was three.

3. He is HORRIFIED of hospitals. He hates how it's always quiet and that the rooms always smells like medicine. It also reminds him of time Chase had a seizure and almost died. Therefore, whenever he visits a hospital, he can't help but remember when his little sister almost died in front of him.

4. He loves reality shows. Sometimes, he even watches them with his mom and Chase. (his favorite show is Teen Mom 2 :p)

5. He really likes spicy food, but he can't handle it. He would cough frequently and drink water that will only make it worse.

6. He has stage fright. It started in kindergarten when he had to be one of the main roles for a play. (he was the drummer boy) When he was playing the drum, he accidently hit his face with the stick and fell backwards off the stage. (He broke his arm and got a black eye)

7: He is really good at doing his mom's and sister's hair. He can do a dragon braid on Chase and a double French bun updo on his mom. (Dragon braids are so pretty but I have short hair so I can't do it ;-;)

8: His favorite singer is Ed Sheeran. (I kinda like him?? :/)

9: He has known Cecilia and Simon since first grade. He met Cecilia first (he bumped into her on the monkey bars... She pushed him off actually) and they both met Simon last. (Simon tried being a badass by climbing a tree and fell on Cecilia... He got a black eye afterwards)

10: He cuts. He tried to stop, but it's very difficult for him.

Hoped you liked it! Stay gold! XOXO ~Leilah

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