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"Annie what's wrong with you?!"

"Levi and Mikasa will never be the same if you don't do this"

"Do you really think I care if Levi screws up his relationship, that should have never been his?"

"Do it for Mikasa"

"Why would I... "

"She's pregnant... she's having two twins"

"What?!? For how long?"

"A few weeks after you went in prison"

"Why do you want my help?"

"I told you to help Mikasa's relationship"

"I need more details"

"Fine! One of her babies are from you and one is from Levi"

Eren stayed quiet and clenched his fist. He bit this tongue til it started to bleed.

"Eren, Levi had a funny feeling about the babies when he found out. They used extra protection, and Mikasa was always with another man, so he got supisous. He checked with the doctors and one was his and one was yours..."

"Why are you telling me this? It would have been better..."

"Because...because Levi doesn't want to raise your kid"

"MY KID?? Who does he think he his? How can someone.."

"Eren shut up and listen! Mikasa heard Levi talking about it and she wants to divorce him. She doesn't believe it's your child and she just...we need you. Tell her it's your child and you want to take of it"

"First of all MY child isn't an "it" second why would I do that it would break her heart"

"If she does leave Levi she will get a little financial help, but not enough to support herself, her child, or her delivery bill. Jobs will be sacre, not all people are willing to take her, she's had a lot more health problems, I think if she sees you, things will turn out better for her?"

"Why do you say that?"

"If you agree, than I I'll show you. Please do this, besides you will be able to see Mikasa more often, she will come to spend time with her child"

"I'm not doing this for you or Levi! I'm doing this for my baby and Mikasa, don't get the wrong idea"

"I understand"

"Lets go"

Eren climbed in the car and looked out the window. The thought of Levi with his baby gave him chills. He was having doubts but he knew he couldn't leave his kid with him. The favoritism Levi's kid would get over his own burned in his eyes, and Annie could see it.

"Why did he tell you?"

"He though we were still together"

"We're not!"

"I know, but he just kept blabbing on and told me everything. He told me he was going to tell you, but I consided his decision. I thought it would be less...physical like this"

"I hate Levi...I hate him so much. Lets get there and back, I have things to do"

"This is not fun and games Eren! Its your child we're... "

"I know!! " Eren screamed with tears streamed down his face.
"I know, you have no idea. My baby was just rejected. What if she only had one? And what if it was mine? Would he have told her? Would he get rid of my kid? I'm not ready to be a father, I'm still young myself. I have no job, money, only a crappy apartment not suit for a child. How am I gonna do this?"

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