Gas Station

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5 more hours passed by, and I woke up to my mother's intense road-rage that consisted of persistently honking the horn angrily at the driver in front of us.
Before my mother could finish, she was cut off by the sound of Thomas waking up.
She bit her tongue, and sat back.
"Honey", she said looking at me from the rear glass mirror.
"Yes", I said slowly opening my eyes.
"We're here now, but I'm going to need you to run into the gas station and get Thomas and yourself some drinks and snacks. It's been a long day", she said.

"Alright, ma", I said as I buttoned up my collar shirt, and closed the car door behind me.

I pushed opened the glass door, and walked in. I headed towards the aisle where the drinks were, and continued. As I reached for a bag of chips, some girl walked in and slammed the door behind her yelling "Leave me the fuck alone Kevin."

I turned around and glanced at her from behind a stack of pastries.
She looked my way, and I quickly turned away.
I guess I should've known she saw me look at her, because she stepped right behind me.
"Hey", the girl said as she touched my shoulder.
Startled, I turned around quickly and almost dropped the drinks onto the floor."
"Oh. H-hi." I said quickly playing it off.
She laughed, "Have I seen you around here before?"
" actually you haven't, just moved into the city today." I said running my hands nervously through my long brown locks of hair.
The girl smiled, and said, "Explains. Well, I'm Angela." She said as she held out her hand.
I looked at her hand and being the nervous wreck that I am, was a bit hesitant to shake her hand as I was not the best talking to girls...but in this particular case this girl that I had quickly become fond of.
I shook her hand anxiously.
Smirking, "Hellooooo?"
I looked into her eyes, and for a moment it felt as if I had known her my entire life. Her eyes were coated in a dreamy brown. Addictive and mysterious. Beautiful, yet at the same time disarming.
She looked at me, and continued to say,"hello? Anyone there?"
I smiled and said," I'm s-sorry. I-I'm Johnny."
Angela smiled and asked me what street I was moving into. I paused for a few seconds trying to remember the street that my mother told me ages ago.
"Eastwood", I said quickly.
"really? I do too. What a coincidence huh? I guess I'll be seeing you around then...Johnny. Catch ya' later Johnny." She smiled and collected the receipt from cashier and walked out.

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