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Nun much children, keep reading :)

Gwen's POV.

"Oh my god," I squealed, jumping on Kalo and squeezing him.

I mean, I know I said I helped Kalo because I loved him and he's blood and all, but c'mon I wasn't planning on living in the other household forever. I'm 18 and I should already be trying to get my life together. And right now, I have no idea what to do with my life.

"I said I'd get you one. I know you gotta start somewhere." Kalo said after I'd let him go.

I thanked him about a thousand more times and he lead me to look inside. Nothing was too big, but not too small. It looked right. Kitchen looked fancy and shit but I don't know what to do with it, I don't know how to cook.

It had two master bedrooms and a guest room. Living room was spacy and it looked like those houses in the house hunters show.

"How much was it?" I asked.

"Don't worry bout it. Everything's paid and if you get any calls just tell me bout em and I'll take care of it." He informed me.

I nodded my head.

"Is it, you know, safe here?" I asked.

"Yeah. I wouldn't buy it for you if it wasn't. Duh," he replied in a smart tone.

"So like, no ones gonna try to kill me here?" I asked.

"Nah, don't worry about that. I straight with them now, everything coo. You not have to worry bout nun now"

I nodded my head again, my phone vibrated.

Kalin- can you answer now? :( 2:31 pm

G- nah. 2:31 pm

Kalin's POV.

G- nah. 2:31 pm

Ugh, she's being so complicated now. I ignored it and called her anyways.

"What," her voice spoke, making me smile real hard.

"Hey! You finally ans-" I was cut off my the click, meaning she had hung up.

"Damn!" I angrily hissed to myself, pounding the counter.

"She's not gonna talk to you."

I spun around and Anjali was standing with her arms folded across her chest, raising one eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes and brushed last her.

"Hey! Why are you so hung up over her?" She rudely asked.

I spun around and looked at her.

"Because she's my girlfriend." I replied in duh tone.

"Correction, ex girlfriend. I'm sorry Kalin but somebody's gotta break it to you," she scoffed, " you need to move on. You look so damn petty being strung over one chick who ain't worth it." She spat.

I rolled my eyes and fought back my urge to say something that I later on might regret.

"What has Gwen ever done to you to make you hate her with a passion?" I asked.

I turned and walked out the front door without letting her answer. I slammed the door and started walking. I didn't know where I was going, but I just needed time to think. Think about who I did and didn't want to be in my life at the moment.

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