Chapter 58:A Sinner's Prayer

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"And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil"

"I said shut up nigger!" Vic screamed and picked up a small steel weight and hit me in the head with it I became dizzy, I fell to ground as the room spinned around me.

"Do you have more to say!"

"For thine-- For thine is the-- is the kindom and power and the glor-- and the glory. Forever and Ever, Amen" I said weakly.

He put a thin belt around my neck and tightened. I felt no source of oxygen. He lift me up and my feet were two feet off the ground. My body started to shake and I knew it was it.

Kendra POV

It's been two days and L.T never called like he said he would. Maybe he just didn't feel like it, but he usually calls. I was looking foward to speaking to him. I picked up the phone and dialed his brothers number.


"Hey Saheim, its Kendra"

"Wassup Ken?"

"Have you heard from your brother? J talked to him on Friday and he was suppose to call again the next day."

"Nah, he ain't call me since Friday either. He probably suspended from the phone or something."

"Alright well thanks anyway"

"Ahight bye"

I hung up the phone, I wonder if I should go visit tomorrow. It's been six months since I actually seen him. I probably will.

Monday morning

The guards walked passed Vic and L.T's cell. Noticing L.T was missing. They stopped and glanced in the cell, Vic was in his bed reading a magizine.

"Where's Tate?"

"I don't know." He shrugged his shoulders

"Go out to the court Vic"

Vic went out the cell and the guards entered. No sign of blood. They looked at the very end of the bed and saw a pair of shoes sticking up.They pulled a cold body from under the bed


Kendra POV

I layed on the couch and watched Law & Order SVU, I was kid free for now. Zarrin was at Kenyatta helping out with my new niece Skylar, Justin and Kaela was mama's so I can finnaly relax.

But before I can actually fall asleep a knock came upon the door, I got rolled my eyes and got up. I answered it and Saheim stood infront of me with his head to the ground.

"Hey Saheim, come in"

He came in and looked at my face. His eyes were blood shot red and watery.

"What's wrong Heim?"

He grabbed my arm and led me over to the couch and gently sat me down. I felt something wasn't right just by his gestures.

He turned off my television and held both my hands and just looked into my eyes.

"I got somethin to tell you"

"What is it? Why you actin so weird"

"L-- L.T he umm.."

"What? What's wrong with L.T?!"

"L.T was found dead this morning, he got strangled" He said while wiping a tear away.

I immediately screamed, I went out of control! I threw anything and everything that was around.

L.T is gone?!

That can't be right! Not my baby! He's not gone!

This can't be real!

God, wake me up!

Wake me up Lord! Wake me up!

It's a dream

I felt Saheim arms grab me and he held me tight, restraining me.

"HE CANT BE GONE!" I screamed


"He's gone"

We both sat on the ground as he held.


My mom and me sat in my living room. I cried until tears couldn't come out anymore, my mom didn't even know how to comfort me. I sat on the couch and rubbed my head it ached so bad. If I wasn't dark skin my face would probably be red right now.

"I can tell Zarrin for you"

My baby girl, she's gonna die next when she hears this

It's going to be the hardest thing I ever gad tp do, I'm broken up and lost. But it's not only me, I have to be strong and tell her. I can do it.

"No" I sniffled "I'm gonna tell her, Kenyatta is bringing her over soon"


Zarrin and Kenyatta came through the door, when I saw her I saw L.T, I weakly smiled and walked over to her.

"Let me help you" I said while helping her take off her coat.

"Uhh why yo voice sound like that mama" she said referring to my horse voice. "You sick?"

"Zarrie, let's go upstairs and talk baby" -I said grabbing her hand gently.

"Am I getting a whopping?"

"Ofcourse not baby"

We got upstairs to her pink and white room, I sat on her bed.

"Come on mommy's big girl, sit down" I said tapping the bed

She sat down and looked at me

"Mommy why you cryin?"

"Baby, I gotta tell you somethin. It's gonna hurt really bad"

"It's gonna hurt? Worse than a shot"

"Worse than a shot, this is hard for mommy so listen okay"

"Okay mommy"

"Daddy is-- your Daddy died baby" I cried

She looked at me with a blank exspression and blinked multiple times.

"Daddy died?" She said shedding tears

"Yeah baby, but he loved you. He loved you so so so so much. He's with God now."

I can't believe I just said that.

She start crying really loud, I picked her up and rocked her, and we cried together.

Dario is gone.

L.T is gone.


That word shoots me in the heart....

L.T is gone

L.T is gone

L.T is gone.

I know yall mad, but L.T is actually a real person. This book is dedicated to two men. Well talk about it last chapter. But the death of L.T is based off of something real. I know yall hate me.....but I had to.

Now im desavated. LOGGING OFF.


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