Kaitlyn's POV

"Hey you guys wanna play chicken wars?" Marissa asks.
"Heck yeah!" Yells Bella as she walks down to the water with Ashton. I glance toward Brooklyn and see her and Luke playing in the water. They're definitely being partners. I chuckle to myself knowing how much Brooklyn likes Luke. I glance towards Bella and Ashton and hear them making their battle plans. And as I look at Marissa I see her already on Michael's shoulders screaming, "BRING IT BISHES!!"
"I guess that leaves you and me," Calum says, turning to me with a smirk.
"You are going down peasants!" I state. We decide that Calum and I are going against Bella and Ash, and Michael and Marissa are going against Brooklyn and Luke. We began the chicken wars and as Calum and I are winning, a huge wave hits us from behind causing us to both tumble down. I find myself staring into his really pretty brown eyes. My cheeks turn a deep red and I quickly get up, mumbling a 'sorry' to Calum. We find everyone laughing at us.
"Whatever peasants. We would've beat you if it weren't for the wave." I glared at them.
"Ha! Yeah right!" Bella calls back.
Michael chimes in with "You know what I'm hungry. Anyone down for pizza and video games at my house?"
"If you're prepared to lose Clifford." I say.
We are all crowded on the couch and we are watching Calum and Luke in a serious game of FIFA. Luke is up by 2 points, but I am positive Calum is going to win.
"I'm raiding your fridge, Michael," Marissa says jumping up and running to the kitchen.
"NOO!" Michael yells, chasing after her.
I hear a chorus of laughs and squeals, signaling there is a tickle fight going on in the kitchen. I glance around and quickly notice that Brooklyn is sneaking up behind Luke, and then hitting him with a pillow. Me and Bella follow in pursuit by hitting Ash and Cal. Michael and Marissa come running in. I know now this has turned into an all out war. (Pun intended)

I really hope you guys loved this chapter. Love Marissa, Bella, Brooklyn, and Kaitlyn

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