Chapter 11 Sparrow's mission

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Sparrow was excited to finally get to spy on people. Alice had always told her that it was wrong and not to, but hey things change.

Sparrow floated in the air at Raven High waiting for it to get out. It seems that the clock in the cabin was fast. It didn't take long for her to get bored. One of the things she hated most besides being patient was being bored. Sparrow kept thinking about the depressed look on Alice's face which wasn't like Alice at all. 

The school bell rang making Sparrow jump and for a ghost-like being that's saying something. She watched all the teenagers swarm out of the school to the buses or to the parking lot where their cars were. 

She spotted Nubus who seemed to have spotted her as well and waved to her. She nodded then made her way over to him.

"Hello handsome," she said when she reached him.

"I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that. Anyways how's Alice?"

Sparrow shrugged. "Fine I guess though she did seem a little sad so hurry over there and cheer her up."

"Like I wasn't already going to do that."

"Anyhow I don't know where Rachly is, I can't find her anywhere."

"Did you check the bus?"

Sparrow smacked the palm of her hand to her forehead. This made Nubus laugh.

Sparrow crossed her arms. "I'm a freaking ghost-like being what the hell do you want from me?"

"Okay calm down. I'm going to go see Alice so I guess I'll see you later."

"Okay then. Bye handsome."

He rolled his eyes and walked away waving his hand to her as he vanished from sight.

Sparrow zoomed over to the buses checking each one until she finally found Rachly. And immediately wanted to punch both her and Sandy. Rachly and Sandy were sitting in the back of the bus in Alice's seat no doubt to mock her. Sparrow floated to the back behind the seat and leaned over it.

"Alice belongs in the asylum," Sandy said in a snob like tone.

"Yeah and you can thank my family for that," Rachly boasted.

"I think they should've put her in there sooner and done everyone a favor."

Rachly nodded in agreement. "But now she screwed up with that little prank and that just proves how insane she really is."

They talked like this all the way to Rachly's house. And by the time both of them along with Sparrow were in Rachly's room Sparrow was close to snapping. 

Rachly's room was like her house huge and full of expensive stuff. The carpet was velvet and the walls were pink. The bed was queen sized and the blankets were engraved with her name. Rachly and Sandy sat on the bed messing around on their phones. Sparrow on the other hand was contemplating on whether she should leave or mess with them when Rachly's father barged into the room. 

Rachly's father was completely bald and wore a white suit. The color gold of his wedding ring shined slightly on his finger. His eyes were the same color as Rachly's which was the only way that anyone could tell that they were related. He seemed to be nervous and frustrated at the same time as he stormed over to Rachly.

Rachly stared at her father in surprise. "What's wrong? "she asked.

"It's that Luvane girl," he said not caring to keep his voice down.

"You mean Alice?"

"Yes she escaped the asylum and is running loose!"

Upon hearing the news about Alice, Sandy's jaw dropped.

"Well she wasn't at school."

Mr. Raven nodded. "Keep a sharp eye out and tell me immediately if you find her!" And with that He turned and stormed back out of the room slamming the door shut behind him. Sparrow couldn't help but show a smug smile.

Rachly got up from her bed, fury clear on her face, as she stormed around the room. "I can't believe this!"

Sandy nodded in response still too shocked too speak from the news she had just heard.

"She is out," Rachly continued. "Out of the asylum and it's only been a day! Alice is weird like her family from the stories I heard about them when they were alive!"

Sparrow's smug smile vanished as did her happy mood as she became serious which in Sparrow's case was never a good thing or sign. Family wasn't just touchy to Alice but to Sparrow as well. Rachly was getting close to crossing the line.

"Did you know Sandy that her dad left her family for another woman?"

Sparrow was balancing on the edge and if Rachly kept talking she would go over it. Sandy shook her head curious now. 

Sparrow was fine with trash talk about the Luvane's and that side of the family. But there were a few family members that she got angry, no furious over if they were insulted in front of her. And one of those family members was her dad. The others were her uncles, Floza, her mom, and her older sister Amber Sparrow. Unfortunately, each one of those people had the same thing in common, they were all dead but not just that, they were all murdered by the same person.

"Yeah," Rachly continued still angry but not shouting anymore. "His name was Zinato Sparrow and he left Alice's mom for a woman named Miranda."

It was a good thing that Sparrow didn't have blood otherwise her lip would've been bleeding from how hard she was biting down on it.

"What happened to him," Sandy asked.

"He and his wife committed suicide."

And with those words Sparrow snapped her eyes turning as cold as ice. She rushed at Rachly pushing her to the ground with a loud bang and thud making things from the dresser fall off and hit the ground. Rachly gasped in pain and surprise. Sandy froze like a statue on the bed not daring to even blink. 

Rachly stood clutching her arm which had cushioned her fall to the ground. Sparrow glared daggers at her, her hands at her side clutched into tight fists. The temperature started rising in the room making both Sandy and Rachly sweat. Soon it was 90 degrees. Rachly called out for help as she struggled to get the door open. And then Sparrow felt calm instantly. As she did the rooms temperature returned to normal.

Rachly stumbled backwards as the door swung open revealing Mr. Raven. He looked at his sweaty daughter clutching her arm to her friend frozen on the bed in shock. "What th-" he didn't get to finish his sentence. For it was then that Rachly burst into tears.

"She's so lonely," Rachly sobbed.

Sparrow raised an eyebrow upon hearing Rachly's words.

"What are you talking about," MR. Raven asked confused.

Rachly didn't answer she only continued to ball her eyes out. "Why," she sobbed. "Why do people always leave? Why does everybody always leave me? I'm so alone."

Sparrows' eyes widened in surprise.

"Rachly," Mr. Raven said worried. "Snap out of it." He put his hand on Rachly's shoulder and instantly she stopped crying. 

She looked at her father with a puzzled look. "When did you get here?" She looked around the room confused. "What's going on?"

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