Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

       Three days had passed since Louis left; running away from a nerve-wrecking argument with his father. It really is hard to be in the middle of two bumping stones. That's what Liam is feeling. And Louis and Mark weren't pebbles. They were rocks!

       As of that moment, Mark was at the bottom of his list of priorities. It isn't because the old man is not important to him. Mark Tomlinson was still the big boss. Furthermore, he was his mentor. But for the sole reason that he is the father of the boy he loves, it's Louis who is in his mind and the most important person for him right now. And he's missing! Damn it! He gritted worriedly in his mind.

       The people around him doesn't know that he's on the boundary of nervous breakdown  because of how worried sick he is thinking about his boyfriend's whereabouts. Not to mention Harry's calls that's consist of panicking and yelling because their charity concert was nearing and Louis is still invisible.

       Calum Hood was no exception. The man is also panicking because his and Louis' coffee shop project can't move on without Louis himself.

       In the midst of this chaos, Liam was upset that Mark didn't seem to care. He's non-stop cussing while driving along the road, leading him towards Wolverhampton.

       Liam's mind was driving him insane as he thinks of places where his boyfriend could've possibly staying. And everytime that he has a problem, he always run towards his parents- for some listening ears, words of encouragement, and wise counsel.

       Geoff and Karen Payne are always ready for that. But something unexpected and different happened when he called his mom. His own mother immediately hung up the phone the second she heard his voice! They're hiding something from me!, he concluded.

       As he neared his parents house, he easily saw and recognized the big bike that's parked in their garage. Finally! There you are! He sighed, relieved, as he parked his car in front of the gate.

       It wasn't locked; neither is the front door. No one's inside the house, but he can hear voices coming from the backyard. And that's where he went.

       And he finally saw him; Louis is there, looking very cuddly and adorable in a maroon jumper that is obviously Liam's and grey sweatpants- seated between his parents, all three of them busy chatting and eating fruits from a big basket in front of them. They're all seated under the shade of a big tree. Like they're one happy family! That vision melted Liam's heart instantly.

       "How are you guys?"

       The three people stopped their movements at the same time and looked at him like they've seen a ghost.

       It's actually funny to see, but he forced himself not to smile; specially to his parents. And he succeeded. He can't believe that even his own parents are spoiling his Louis. He's happy about it nonetheless. But they're in a situation right now.

       "Hi, son! Long time no see!" Geoff greeted, feigning innocence, when he stood up and walked towards his son.

       Liam grinned at him. "We'll talk later, Dad."

       All the while, worry is etched on Louis' face. "Karen.." he whispered to his boyfriend's mother.

       Liam's mother smiled and squeezed his hand. "Don't worry. He loves you."

       Liam immediately went towards his boyfriend and sat beside him when his parents entered the house. "What are you doing here?" Louis initiated.

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