| Prologue | The Useless

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"Did you hear the news?"

"About 'The Unknown'?"

"Yup! He did it again!"

"Well, dang! It's the 258th time in a row she succeeded without fail."

"Everyone is still wondering if they are a she or a he! I bet for he, it's definitely a boy, a girl won't be able to withstand that much. The highest a girl has gone to in our agency was 20. Ha!"

"And the lowest," the two males look towards me making face of disgust, "Is her, Ciara Levante - code name, 'The Useless'. Did you hear that she failed her mission again?"

"Yup! 258 times she's failed in a row. I still have no clue why Producer Sean still wants her, she'll only drag us down."

Looking up from the PSP in my hand, I glare to their direction getting them to flinch before looking away as they continue to talk about their own things. Turning away, I continue to sit on the swivel chair with my legs planting up on the table. 

My cobalt-blue eyes continue to work concentrating on the screen with my fingers clicking the buttons wanting to finish beating the game that has intrigue me. My hoodie is laying on top of my jet-black hair as I try to mute my hearing so I don't have to hear any of those idiots talking. Gossips are all around the room as glances or glares direct to me who, like always, ignore as I continue to press the buttons winning the game to get me to smile in victory.

"Too easy." I sigh placing the game away beside my shut-down computer.

Taking my feet off the desk, I roll myself to the desk as I place my elbows on the table wondering I should do next. Placing my headphones on first, as I don't want to hear anymore of those annoying gossips, I play my music loudly to shut them up. 

Welcome to my life, kids. 

Name's Ciara Levante, and to the others, 'The Useless' - despite it being a code name. 

I'll give a quick background of the world I live in, it's just like yours though instead of going to school, or having job, being with parents, hanging out with friends, and so forth - mine is slightly different. I'm an agent, and if you don't know what an agent is, it's quite simple. An agent is a person who acts on behalf of another person or group - sounds plain right? But the type of agent I am is that I specialize in fighting, spying, hacking and those kinds of skills, though I'm not the only one in this world as there are many around. 

The agent life is not easy as there are two types, one which are taught on the agent life ever since they were born or the ones that get drag into it later on. For me, well, that's a secret for now but you will find out sooner or later. For those who were born into this life, they all had to go through a school which we call The Academy, or something similar. Since The Academy is in America, there are still many schools teaching agents around the school. People who just join in later in their life, they also have to go through school for the same exact 12 years - depending on the skills. 

Like everyone else int his school, I also attended The Academy but, in a special section which only few are in. as the story processes, you'll know more about my life and how hectic it is, so keep reading, future agents.

It has been a year since I've left The Academy to join The North America Agency - also known as TNAA. Once I joined, there were gossips all around already and guess who it was about? Me, and it still continues so as these people have no life. 

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