Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

      "Dad!" Louis wasn't able to suppress his shock to his father's unexpected arrival. Mark wasn't expected to come home until after two more months. And he saw that it's what Liam is thinking too.

      "Surprised?" Mark asked them.

      Louis and Liam came from their shock. Liam replied. "No.. except that, uh.. you're back early."

      "It's Louis' fault." Mark answered casually.

      "Excuse me?" Louis choked out, his heartbeat now beating like a drum due to nervousness and a tingling sensation in his stomach erupts.

      "Your idea that we penetrate the European and American market. Well, it tickled my mind." Mark said, sitting beside Liam on the couch. He didn't bother going to his swivel chair and sit there- looks like he really gave it to his son already.

      Mark continued to talk. "I spoke to a colleague at a university, Professor Yaser Malik from Washington, along with his son, Zayn, who already took over their business. He wants to help us set up a branch of our company there."

      "That's great, Dad!" Louis remarked, although the strange tingling in his stomach remained.

      "I know. So, you better pack your bags, sweetie. I've booked you a flight to Washington, D.C. this weekend. Zayn Malik himself will meet you at the airport. Hey.. he's about the same age as you.. and he's also single- "

      "Whoa! Wait a minute!" Louis hadn't seen that coming. What the hell are you getting at? His mind whispered angrily, as he realized what his father was doing. Liam was clearly feeling the same way. He isn't smiling at all. "Is this about business, or are you just setting me up with this guy?" Louis didn't try to hide the annoyance towards his father.

      "You've been dating Harry since you two were kids. I can't see any future in that relationship. It wouldn't be that bad if you go and date other guys-"

      "Dad!" Louis clearly saw Liam's reaction about it, and it isn't a pleasant one, so he put on a stop to his father's words.

      "The expansion was your idea, Louis. You're the one who should set up our American Headquarters. Zayn is there to help you. He's a decent guy, and I think it's time you open your doors to other men." Mark explained.

      Louis couldn't believe his ears! He'll understand if it's just about the business. But to force him and set him off to see and date someone is one thing that he never thought his own father would do. "Did you ever consider what I want? Did it ever occur to you that I may not want to see other guys? Did you ever ask me if I want to go to Washington? You don't just plan things on your own, Dad!"

      Louis almost shouted at his father. Respect and love towards his old man still gripping at him. But he failed to notice Liam trying to get his attention to stop him from talking.

      His father's eyes on him narrowed. "Why, Louis? What's keeping you here?"

      He didn't get the meaning of the question. "What?"

      "Why did you not want to go? Is it because you can't leave your band..?" Mark trailed off his own question, trying to gauge his son's reaction.

      "I beg your pardon?" Louis asked, and the reaction his father had been waiting for, showed on his face.

      A sarcastic smile from Mark was thrown at Louis. "You think that I will never find out? It's all over the world wide web! You still play with your band. You promised me, Louis. Six months! That's all I asked of you! Can't you just really follow my orders?"

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