Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
       Back in London, it's business as usual for everyone at Prime Brew. Louis presented many projects that he wanted the employee to look into.

       They've been given the privilege to have their own specialty coffee shops in all of Columbus Group-operated hotels all over America and Europe- a project that will start at Paramount Plaza Hotel.

       Louis liked the idea, as it would give them the avenue to penetrate the European and American market. "I want twice a week update on the studies, plans and projections. For the coffee shop, coordinate with Chef Ed of Paramount. He's the one conceptualizing the different coffee concoctions we're going to feature." Louis commanded the whole senior staff.

       Liam is doing his best to keep up with the many things the new CEO wants to happen. On the other hand, he's very impressed with the boy's attitude towards the job. If before, Louis passes the decision-making to him, now, Louis is the one who decides. And he is doing it with great confidence.

       Liam couldn't help feeling proud and happy. He'd accomplished the task Mark had left him. He'd successfully turned Louis from a band-rocker boy into a sharp, brilliant and confident businessman.

       Louis is the boy he loves. Louis' happiness is his to share. Louis' accomplishments were his alone, and Liam is happy for him.

       Liam leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes that are tired from reading progress reports. Normally, he would wish for a fresh air. But now, he wished he could leap from his seat, run out from his office, cross the secretaries' hall into Louis' office, grab the boy and kiss him and hold him tightly in his arms.

       But of course, he can't do that. With the amount of people going back and fort in his office. He really miss his boyfriend.

       No one still knows about him and Louis except for Niall. If it's up to him, he would announce it in a general staff meeting and will treat everyone to a pizza lunch. But for reasons not clearly explained to him, Louis pleaded him to just keep the relationship between them for now.

       No, it's not that Louis wasn't proud of it, the boy said. It was because he was scared of what his dad might say- not about the relationship, but about Liam.

       So, for the meantime, it's enough for them to text each other and talk on the phone 'til morning. Sometimes, they manage to go out for a meal, a movie, or soccer match. But then, they need to go far- to make sure that no one from the company will see them. They always looked forward to weekends, because in Wolverhampton is where they can really be together longer.

       But who are they fooling? Everyone! At least, that was what Louis and Liam thought. Unfortunately they thought wrong.


       "Huh?" He didn't noticed that the door of his office was opened and entered by.. "Sophia. Yes?"

       Sophia didn't waste anytime. "Liam, you're not inviting me out anymore."

       "Excuse me?" He asked, not understanding where she's going with this conversation.

       "You know what I'm talking about." Her voice began to sound harsh. "Is there someone new?"

       Sophia had stated a fact. Even if Liam deny it, she won't believe him.

       "If there is someone else or none, as far as I'm concerned, it's been long way over between us, Sophia. And I never invited you out. You go with me to 'hang out'- even though I told you that it isn't necessary." He also said straight out.

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